Teaser Trailer: ‘GHOST RIDER’

While I’ll be in line on Friday for X-Men: The Last Stand, after seeing these teaser trailers for the Ghost Rider movie starring Nick Cage, I can’t honestly say I’ll be there on opening night in February.

I used to read and enjoy Ghost Rider like 15 years ago, but I dunno, some characters just don’t translate well to the screen. Although the shots of him riding up a skyscraper were kinda cool, the flaming skeleton just looks cheesy to me.

Thanks to Steve, The “original” Canadian Frappr Mapper, for the tip!


  1. I liked reading Ghost Rider and the new mini was good. The teaser made me really want to the see the movie. I thought the flaming skeleton looked good overall. However, some of the scenes looked a little cheesy. I just hope it is a good story and not some lame back story with a lame finishing battle. Cage is a comic fan, so hopefully that will help translate onto the screen. I will be there opening day.

  2. Not too bad. I’m more likely to rent it on DVD than go see it, though.

  3. Not completly sold on Nic Cage as our hero on the big bike. That said, i’ll still probably see it due to the fact that my childhood claim that one day we’ll see our favorite comic book characters being adapted by the silver screen has become a reality. Even if it started off slow with a daredevil wearing a black bandana.

  4. It’s not something i’d go to the cinema to see, i’ll just wait for the DVD, but it does look better than i was expecting.

  5. That skull does look too much like video game CGI, but maybe it will appear better on the big screen. If he only goes into full blown Ghost Rider form when there is action or fighting then I don’t think it will look too bad.

    I saw Daredevil and the Hulk in theaters and this can’t be any worse than that. I wasn’t expecting much of the first Blade movie and was very nicely surprised. Wouldn’t it have been cool if Ghost Rider had made a cameo appearance in one of the Blade movies? Just a small role at the beginning where the two of them could have been taking out a nest of vampires and at the end Ghost Rider would have driven off towards the sunrise.

    I realize that with different studios doing different films that cross-overs are pretty much impossible, but a fanboy can dream. Can’t he?

  6. Can I just say that I love the Blade movies? I know they’re terrible, but that’s big dumb comic fun up on that screen.

  7. I really liked Blade and Blade Trinity, but didn’t like Blade 2 so much.

    As for Ghost Rider… I dunno. I’m not sold. The constant push-backs of the release date leave me extremely skeptical, and the teaser looks pretty amateur too.

  8. “Hulk in theaters and this can’t be any worse than that.”

    I loooooooooooooooooooooved the Hulk. It was too long, but I LOVED that movie. I LOVED Josh Lucas acting the fool. I LOVE looking at Jennifer Connely.

  9. The Dude and I are brothers in our love for The Hulk.

  10. also in our love of HARD DRINKING.

  11. That goes without saying.

  12. I just didn’t enjoy the non-flashback scenes that involved Bruce Banner’s father. If they wanted to throw a supervillian character at the Hulk they should have worked in a Rhino-like character for the green guy to smash down or put in an Absorbing Man that more resembled the comic book version. Both could have been developed by the corporate/military alliance that was trying to capture the Hulk. I enjoyed the Hulk movie, but I just had different expectations that I didn’t feel were met. Hulk tearing through tanks and helicopters was great! I went into the movie expecting “big dumb comic fun,” but I didn’t quite feel that was what they were putting on the screen.

  13. i really thought the folks behind the hulk movie (ang lee and his screenwriting partner) were trying too hard to make a movie that “legitimized” comic book stories, instead of just making a movie that was a really good comic book story. comics have their own depth and characters and power; they don’t need to be all “arted” up. just the opening titles with the comic book fonts and stuff…it was like they were apologizing for it being a comic book. i also read an interview with the screenwriter who kept talking about drawing from jekyll & hyde in his writing…no shit sherlock, that’s probably where stan the man started too.

    anyway. ghost rider? looks fun to me.

  14. I remember a teaser for this that came out a while ago, and am happily surprised at how much better this teaser looks. As far as pushing back the release, if it helps them get the effects and everything in order, I’m all for it.

    I’ve gotta remember to show this to my little brother. Man, will he be psyched.

  15. I’ve never read a Ghost Rider book, but I think this looks fun. I’ll definitely check it out.

    I have to say that I was not a fan of Blade Trinity. The first two were alright, but it got really bad there at the end.

  16. Finally watched it. Let’s see….instead of Kristofferson, we get Sam Elliot, who survived the Hulk. OK. Like Blade, we get Donal Logue. Like him, so that’s OK. Much like Wesley Snipes at the time of Blade, Cage is something less than a huge box office draw.

    Also, we get the head from Scorpion on my Sega Genesis copy of Mortal Combat II.


  17. This tailer got me so pumped to see this movie! The International version had a nice shot of Eva Mendes’s ass also 😉

  18. I actually don’t think the effects look that bad – except when Ghost Rider is coming out of the water.

  19. Saw the Ghost Rider trailer before X3 last night, looks great! And February 16th? Poised to be the Valentines Day weekend movie to see!


  21. A few years ago there were only two movies I wanted to see on valentine’s day. My girlfriend thought she was being nice to her comic book boyfriend by finally choosing Daredevil instead of going to see the Pianist.

    Daredevil gave her a headache and gave me diarreah.

  22. I got in a shouting match with a housewife at the Pianist.

    They were having a loud conversation in this middle of this whole movie about the holocaust, and paying no attention at all, just these two 45 y/o women from the valley, and I finally ask, very politely if they could please not talk. She immediately hissed, “GO FUCK YOURSELF,” and I said, “it’s a movie about human tragedy and how awful we are, and you do THAT!” At which another “Fuck” was hurled my way. It seemed like a stalemate, but they did stop talking after that.

    I don’t get it with Ghost Rider. I mean, if this wasn’t based on a comic (a comic that most people don’t even read or care about), would anyone care to see this movie? I wouldn’t.

    And Eva Mendes is in fact strikingly attractive but I still haven’t ever wanted to see a single movie she’s been in.

    Sam Elliott though..that’s a different story.

  23. Not just Sam Elliot. The original Easy Rider Wild Angel is also in Ghost Rider.

    Eva Mendes is something of a local celebrity even though she must have lived here for like a year, once. It’s just that she’s hispanic, I guess. When she came on screen last night during the preview the audience went APESHIT.

  24. i’ll watch anything with sam elliot in it. except maybe porn. that’s where I’d draw the line.

  25. well guys i think u need to ease off do u know how many hard days we endured to bring u this movie i hope u enjoy it ..


  26. Its a movie based on a comic book character… On the other hand Nicolas Cage is in it.. Don’t ask but there is something about him that everytime he’s in a movie that I just don’t want to see and i’ll just wait for it to show on HBO or something.. But after seeing the trailer, I thought maybe it won’t be so bad.. I’ve just learned not to have any expectations.. Especially after The Hulk. I liked it but out of all of the Marvel movies that came out, I was disappointed even with zero expectations.. Oh well..

  27. I hate Nicholas Cage. He’s a bleating asshole

    yes I meant bleating rather than bleeding

    talking about the way he speaks