First Look: Nic Cage’s Ghost Rider

There is a small teaser/reveal of Nic Cage in Ghost Rider on the official movie site.

Ghost Rider is one of those concepts that looks really good in comics and not so good in the movies. I don’t know if this teaser changes my mind on that…


  1. I’m not sure this was ever a good comic premise.

  2. oh come now, it was a great premise! Motorcycle guy sells his soul to the devil and becomes the spirt of vengence! with a flaming skull!

  3. I’m sorry, but that just looks cheesy. Nicholas Cage is a good actor. I’m just not sure if he can handle this.

  4. ….. no

  5. Nicholas Cage doesn’t get to be called a good actor anymore. Not since the oscar.

    Now, he has good performances occasionally, but I will no longer consider him a sure thing.

  6. Hmm….

    I’m trying to fight my default reaction for these movies which is skepticism, but…

  7. Wow! CGI from the late 90’s! That skull looks like it’s from an early PC game.

    I’m just being the skeptic conor wants to be.

    Use your anger!

  8. The CGI *does* look really weak. Then again, it’s really early and that stuff gets tweaked up until release.

    Damn it, that just slipped out.

  9. I will admit, the bike I saw at the Comic Con was pretty nice, but come on. Spirit of Vengence? Unless GR’s going to motor on up the steps of the White House, I’m not too terribly interested.

  10. …and here comes the politics. hehe – I do agree with you – now that would be a great twist on a Ghost Rider mini…where he actually gets vengence on those who actually deserve it, like DC and evil corporations.

  11. What, Johnny Blaze does Microsoft? *grins*