Get well, Josh! (UPDATE)

As alluded to in this week’s Pick of the Week Podcast, Josh had a bit of unexpected and emergency surgery this past Friday. Apparently his mutant appendix wasn’t agreeing with him and it had to go.

Needless to say, the last few days have been somewhat of a rollercoaster.

So now young Mr. Flanagan is laid up in bed recuperating, which if you know Josh at all, is not at all where he wants to be. Feel better, my friend! I’ll bring you by some things to read while you’re stuck in bed.

UPDATE! He lives!

A message from Josh:

Hey all. I just want to say a heartfelt thanks for all the kind wishes. It really helps when you think that there’s anyone else out there who cares. All I can say is thank god for my wife. I can’t imagine doing this without a spouse or a parent or someone, because you need a lot of help. What’s probably odd to most of you is that I’ve been laying in the living room, which gives a decidedly different feel to what most of you know as the iFanboy set.

I’m beat to shit tired all the time, and every time I think I feel better, I realize that I’ve got a long way to go to 100%. It’s funny, because it seems like the appendix is some minor thing, and I’m feeling like there’s no such thing as minor surgery, because I feel like I’ve been run over by about 12 trucks. So, if you’ve ever been in surgery for anything more major, you have my extreme sympathies.

Anyway, I’m still taking things slowly, and will be doing so for a bit. So, I’ll be around, but I’m doing more lurking than anything else, and I’ll be back to doing posts in a week or so.

Funny, I haven’t read so much, because honestly, it takes a bit more effort to hold up a book than it does to just lean there and watch the TV. (And there’s f’n NOTHING on.) Plus, I tend to read on my stomach when I lay down, and I can’t do that at the moment. And I can’t rest anything on my belly either, it’s kind of tiring to hold the book up. I know, I sound like I’m whining, but this is what it’s like. I’m not allowed to lift anything over 5 pounds for like 6-8 weeks. So apparently, I can’t read any Absolute editions.

Anyway, that was perhaps more information than anyone wanted, but I’m on medication, so what can you do?

Thank you everyone! I’ll be back to form before too long.


  1. All the very best for a speedy recovery, Josh. Hope you’re back on your feet soon.

  2. Get Well Soon!
    Great picture…

  3. the appendix event that many people go through can be no big deal or a very big deal. My hopes for Mr. Josh is that it was no big deal at all. If it was a big deal…well you’ll def leave the hospital with a new outlook on life and weight loss. (I know I did)

    And a lot of good reading can get done sir.

  4. “Apparently his mutant appendix wasn’t agreeing with him and it had to go.”

    S.H.I.E.L.D. simply couldn’t allow him to gain abilities that come with a mutant appendix.

    Get well man.

  5. Dude! Rest up and hope you’re back on your feet soon

  6. i’m sure that appendix will be used to create an evil josh clone, which you can all fight on the 150th episode. until then, feel better!

  7. Feel better Josh! Just remember that you get to eat all the ice cream you want!

    …wait, that’s the tonsils, isn’t it?

    Well, I guess you could still eat as much ice cream as you want.

    Mmmm…mint chocolate chip…

  8. Damn, they couldn’t schedule the surgery for a Monday instead of Friday? Get well soon and take advantage of the downtime to get through some of those books from the “Totebag” episode.

  9. Sorry Josh. You didn’t eat a Jagged metal Krusty-O did you? Hope you’re well soon.

  10. In the words of Demitri Martin:

    Get well soon?
    Fuck that…
    Get well NOW!!!

  11. Ugh, is anything worse than that day you wake up and say, “ohhh no. Something’s not right in there. This is going to get worse before it gets better”? The lead-up is way worse than the actual surgery.

    Get well soon, boyo. Take advantage of the time the universe has just given you; if work calls, do not answer.

  12. I suspect nanites at work…they seem to be responsible for alot of troubles…

  13. Feel better Josh, hope you have a speedy recovery.

    That is a great pic.

  14. Get better soon Josh! We need you around to keep the other two guys in line.

  15. Get well soon Josh !

  16. Ouch! Feel better soon Josh.

    Best wishes.


  17. We’re lost without you! Get better soon… and don’t try to do any British accents while you’re in there or you might make all the nuses sick too!

  18. Hope you ar well sir, or getting there. Maybe the scar we’ll in the shapE of a Flash or Shazam lightning.

  19. The podcast world seems colder without you man, pls get better soon.

  20. Speedy recovery

  21. Speedy recovery

  22. Get well soon and hopefully you have plenty of reading to do while you’re laid up.

  23. Where’s the spoiler warning? Come on!

    May your recovery be less painful than sitting through an entire episode of Bionic Woman.

  24. You are missed! Get well soon!

  25. Hope they got’cha on the good drugs, Josh!

    And who’s the hairy dude mauling you in that picture? I’m not sure if that scene is creepy or arousing…


  26. Get well soon, Josh.

  27. Get well soon, Josh.

    Just think of all the reading you’ll get done.

    And you get to lose some weight without excersizing.

  28. Get well whenever the hell you want. is that Ron?


  30. wish you the best josh and get well soon!

  31. Get well soon Josh

  32. Get well soon, dude.

    Hey, maybe you can spin this into a positive. Make a video show titled, “Comics to Read While Recovering from a Mutant Apendix.” No?

  33. Get well soon. I hope the loss of appendix doesn’t affect the vocal impressions. I had a friend who had his appendix removed and he wasn’t able to do his lilting Scottish brogue anymore.

  34. Speedy Recovery, Josh!

    I had my tonsils out, and I found the worst of it was:
    1) Boring time stuck in a hospital bed for a day
    2) Boring time laid up in bed for a week

    Although you will no doubt be stuck in the hospital longer than I was, Happy to know you have good friends and a wonderful wife to bring you plenty to read.

    Can’t wait to have you pack on both podcast and video cast…

    Get Well Soon!

  35. Order the green jello and feel better!

  36. Josh’s appendix was the mutant birth! Get well.

  37. He probably had it removed because that was how the initiative was tracking him.

    Here’s to you healing factor Josh.

  38. At least there’s time to catch up on some trade reading…(?)

    Get Well Soon!

  39. It’s the iFanboy apocalypse. First, Ron announces he’s moving to CA. Then Josh’s appendix goes haywire. What’s next? Conor’s head explodes? It must be a conspiracy. Around Comics or Fanboy Radio must be behind this attempt to take down iFanboy.

    Seriously, Josh. Get well soon. My dad had his appendix rupture before they could remove it. Very serious indeed. Appendicitis is no fun. However, nurse sponge baths are. Enjoy.

  40. I hope your feeling better. Good luck with your future sans-appendix

  41. Hope you are feeling well soon. Also I can tell you from personal experience just hug a pillow to your stomach and pray for the pain meds to kick in.

  42. Feel better, man. Is this the same thing that chick Madeline had, the French girl in the yellow suit, same thing, right? weak. ice cream? is that what you are supposed to eat? Curious George had the same thing, too, right?

    Feel better man, we iPulling for you


  43. Hope you feel better.

    Hope it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg ($) with your healthcare system.


  44. Feel better soon. Missed you on the podcast.

  45. Get Well Soon and read a lot of comics along the way so that you can have interesting comments/opinions once you return to record the fantastic ifanboy podcast!

  46. Get better, the podcast needs more Mainers on it!

  47. Get WELL!

  48. Get well Mr. Flanagan! Like Wolverine, Deadpool, and Claire Bennet, we know that you will recover soon.

  49. Feel better soon pal!

  50. I fear for the future if Josh is laid up too long.

    Ron: “So I was pretty excited about Suburban Glamour #2”

    Josh: “Pfft. Call that glamour? Let me tell you what the girls were gabbing about on The View this morning.”

    Lindsay, keep him away from the TV.

  51. Get well!!

    We need your witty comments and support of Vertigo books.

  52. get well soon buddy (insert funny comment here)

  53. Get well soon Josh. I’m sure your making plenty of jokes just like you would if you were trapped by vampires. Just come back as soon as your able to.

  54. get well bug brother

  55. Feel better, man.

  56. Best wishes on a speedy recovery Josh–
    Comics and lots of tv can speed healing…

  57. I hope you get better soon Josh!

    I remember when I had my appendix removed back in 1999. And I was so bummed out because it happened right before the release of The Phantom Menace and I thought I was going to miss seeing it at the theaters. But it worked out to where it opened 4 days after my surgery and I went…albeit a little sore and still with stitches….

    But after all that the real question still remains…what the hell is the appendix for anyways??

  58. But after all that the real question still remains…what the hell is the appendix for anyways??
    You know, it’s like that part at the end of the book that you really don’t have to read, but if you feel like spending some more time on it, it explains a little more… Oh, wait, you meant that appendix, huh? I think that used to be for digesting leaves and grasses and stuff.

  59. Hey Josh Get Better Soon!!!! hope you have a fast recovery..Your being missed..take care.


    Haha just messin’, I wish you a speedy recovery buddy.

  61. Get well.

  62. good to know you’re alive and breathing now you can go back do doing your silly voices like arthur currey =)

  63. come back, you’re the funny one

  64. Hey, feel better 🙂