Get a Load of THE RAVAGERS!

Ravagers! Come out and play-ay!

Art by Ian Churchill

The Ravagers are coming. And they’ve got what looks like a cantankerous Ankylosaurus Tron champion on their squad. And is that Live Wire? A ginger Beast Boy?

And my sympathies go out to Heartburn Kid. That chest portal looks painful. (That’s not actually his name. I’ll just be calling him that. Or maybe Kid Nexium. Have you heard the word about G.E.R.D.? )

We don’t know a whole lot about this Teen Titans offshoot just yet, but here’s what writer Howard Mackie had to say about it last month.

This is the story about a group of powerful Metahuman teens who have escaped from an underground hell they know only as The Colony– where they have been tortured, experimented on, tortured again and forced to fight for survival in a nefarious program designed to produce the ultimate killing machines. They band together in search of anything that might pass as “real life” for each of them, and knowing that the dark forces behind N.O.W.H.E.R.E. will never let them achieve it.

For more, hit up the Source Blog. Look for The Ravagers #1 in May!



  2. Ok guys, we’re here and we have our Tron outfits! No where’s our cool hammers!? Guys…? Hello? Anyone here?

  3. I am in, this looks really cool!! The outfits I am really not sure about but I am sure these are from the holding facility they were from and they will get some new outfits very shortly. I like the concept and I like how this group looks!!


  4. Is that Caitlin Fairchild at the front?

  5. Based on the name and the connection to Teen Titans, will Deathstroke’s daughter be a part of this? If she wasn’t shooting energy, I’d think the girl in the top right side was her.

  6. DD Teens!

  7. I came expecting Rose Wilson… I leave confused. Okay then.

  8. I hope that really is beast boy. He was my favorite character of the past Teen Titans stuff.

    I’m still not convinced we needed yet another teen hero book, but since I never read Gen 13(and this certainly seems to be going for the new DCU version) I’ll give this a try.

    Also as for the tron suits, it was mentioned(on twitter) that those were meant for the crossover but they weren’t sticking around.

    • But in regards to the DC New 52, there is only ONE teen team book – Teen Titans. I don’t really think it is that much of a stretch to want a second one.

    • It’s been confirmed that it’s Beast Boy. Apparently he’s red now because of the new Animal Man mythos.

  9. Regarding the Tron costumes, I was in Target the other day and saw some Tron toys on clearance for less than a quarter. If super evil organizations like this are on a budget (and who isn’t nowadays?) they may be getting their outfits on the cheap.

  10. I’m excited to find out why this group is in the snow. It creates a lot of questions for the group, such as: How are the Tron suits not freezing and shutting down? Is that what happened to the girl (Fairchild, I guess?)’s suit? How is she not blue from freezing herself?
    All these questions and more better be answered in the first issue of Ravagers.
    Also, I have a soft spot in my heart for Howard Mackie. Mutant X was the first series I collected from the first to last issue. I liked that series a lot, and I’m willing to give this a try.

  11. Looks like timberwolf from legion lost.

  12. When I saw that acronym, I got excited thinking this was gonna be new “Casanova” material. (I mean, not really, from the art & all.)

  13. Wow, what X-men spinoff is this?

  14. I’m looking forward to this book; Teen Titans and Superboy have both been very enjoyable reads, IMO.

  15. I am a little surprised to say that I have been enjoying the heck out of Teen Titans and Superboy. I will definitely be giving this book a try when it is released in May.

  16. Fairchild. That is all. Give me the rest of Wildstorm already. Grifter and Voodoo have disappointed. I need Wildcats.

  17. Paul, you should come up with more superhero names. My favorite was the Heartburn Kid.

    As for the series, I’m not too interested in the concept and the similarity to Gen13, but I’ll still give it a try when it comes out.

  18. Rose Wilson is involved in this.

  19. Really excited about this! I just have no idea who these kids are. I hope we get more revelations about them soon.

  20. I was hoping this would be Marineman-Churchill. Seem like it’s not. Too bad.

  21. Isn’t the girl in front with the spray-painted on bikini gonna be a little cold in the snow?

    • It’s a sprayed on tube top and short shorts as far as I can tell.

      Ha, anyways… ah Fairchild. Her life never goes anywhere, every run of Gen 13 ended… nowhere. Now she’s a teen on the run from a shadowy organization like she was in the beginning. I could write a page on how has really happened in Fairchild’s entire life… ha, or maybe I couldn’t.

      Long story short, there’s nothing to live up to, and I do like the character, so I’ll give this a couple issues.