Gay Marriage in Comics in The New York Times

The politics around gay marriage gets some print in The New York Times today and oddly enough Judd Winick’s name never comes up once. Rather Ex Machina, Wildstorm/DC’s title about a superhero mayor of NYC is the center of attention along with writer Brian K. Vaughan.

It’s short but as always neat to see comics in the mainstream press. I wonder if they do it for the press, or in the spirit of the story?


  1. If he is doing it for the press, it’s the first time it’s worked. Vaughan’s been writing like this for years. It’s his style, and it’s clearly the stuff he cares about. And, I’ve heard the argument a billion times that it doesn’t belong in Flash or whatever, but this is Vaughan’s own creation, so let’s see those web monkeys get upset about this.

    (I know, I know…)