FX Gives Powers the Green Light

Those of us hanging out online at 11:00 on a Friday night (commonly known amongst ourselves as the True Winners Club) were the first to catch this happy tidbit of news:


This puts Powers one step closer to your plasma screen, many steps closer than it has ever gotten. I can still remember how excited I was to hear Frank Oz was directing the Powers movie nine (9!) years go, but this is not just ink on paper; this is actors on film.

Now, whether this pilot ends up seeing the light of day as the first of many episodes is still anyone's guess. Nonetheless: best of luck to all involved. I'd love to see another Walking  Dead come of this.


  1. Jeff Cannata for Gabriel Walker!

  2. True Winners Club FTW. 

  3. “While it was still cool” or “before it was cool?”

  4. effin yess!

  5. CHRISTIAN Walker thank you all for not jumping on that

  6. @Heroville  You’re among friends. This is a safe place. Show me on the doll where the internet touched you.

  7. Good news!!!!


  9. Yes! This is great news. Now, wonder who they will get to play Walker and Pilgrim. Does anyone have an idea of who they would like to see in those roles?

  10. Bendis writing it?

  11. This is still going to be animated right? Now that Archer became a moderate hit for FX, I’m sure that paved the road for this to get greenlit.

  12. OH YEH!

  13. Great news to start my Saturday with. Even better that people involved have had a hand in creating other good shows.


  14. The Actress that played Starbuck on the new BattleStar Galactica for Pilgrim

  15. I’m happy for Bendis & look forward to the show.


  16. i’ll believe it when i  see it

  17. @MutantSentry  I like that casting!

  18. @MutantSentry Check her Twitter. Looks like she’s already talking about it.

  19. Plasma?

  20. I thought the window for reading Powers when it was still cool ran out when the monkey sex issue came out.

  21. I have the first 3 definitive HC’s and haven’t even cracked them open. This might spur me to do just that………………might

  22. @Joshua  Likewise, I have the first one and now we both need to catch up before the pilot hits the airwaves and internets!