Fund Raising to Help David Pirkola, Comics Retailer

As reported by the Grand Rapids Press and discussed on the Bendis Board, David Pirkola, owner and operator of Apparitions Comics and Books in Grand Rapids, Michigan was robbed at his store and then shot by the robber. He is currently in stable, but critical condition at a local hospital.

We’ve with Thom, who works at Apparitions Comics and Books, and he confirmed that David is in the hospital and stable, but still severely injured. As you can imagine, no matter how speedy the recovery, getting back to running his business will be challenging. Even normally, running an independent comic book store is an incredibly difficult job, and many retailers often operate with limited or no personal health insurance. Given that retailers are such an important part of our industry, we want to help out as much as possible.

So iFanboy is putting out the call to you, comics fans to help a retailer in need. We’ve set up a PayPal donation button below to allow you donate as much as you’d like. You can use credit cards or bank accounts, and don’t need a PayPal account to donate. All money donated will be sent to David Pirkola to help with his medical bills, as well as to keep his store afloat, so if you can spare it, please donate below.

We will also be reaching out to our friends in the industry to help as well, so stay tuned for possible giveways or auctions of comics goodness, the proceeds of which will go to helping David and his recovery.

If you’re in the Michigan area, the best way to help is to shop at the store! Go to Apparitions and buy stuff! Buy that old trade you’ve been eyeing for weeks. Go buy a statue (if they carry them). Be a good consumer! You can visit Apparitions Comics and Books at:

Apparitions Comics and Books
2757 Ridgemoor Dr SE
Grand Rapids,Michigan
Phone: 616-940-2025

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06/01 UPDATE
Big thanks to everyone who has donated, we’re well above $7,500 raised! For an update on Dave’s condition, he is out of the ICU, but still recovering and being cared for.  For regular updates, the folks who are running Apparitions in his absence have set up a blog – – So be sure to check there for regular updates.  We’ve been working on putting together an auction of some great stuff – and the auction should launch in mid June, details will be coming soon.

05/20 UPDATE
Wanted to check in in the latest.  To day we have raised close to $7,000!  Amazing!! The items for the auction are flooding in, so be sure to stay tuned for that.  And David is doing better, he’s still in rough shape, but making positive steps every day.  Please keep getting the word out and stay tuned for the auction news!

05/06 UPDATE

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in the updates.  I spoke with Thom at Apparitions and got the update on Dave.  He’s still in critical condition, but he’s making positive steps in the right direction, so everyone keep Dave in your prayers.  And as TheFreakyTiki posted below, the alleged shooters have been caught!  On the donations front, we’ve raised over $5,500 dollars!  Plus we’re gathering stuff for some great auctions to help raise money.  So keep getting the word out and stay tuned for the auctions, it’s gonna be worth it!

04/30 UPDATE
What else can I say?  We crossed the $3,000 mark last night, which is amazing and we’re busy lining up the charity auction that is going to knock your socks off.  So keep spreading the word – tell your friends and your local comic shop when you pick up your books today!

04/29 UPDATE
An amazing day yesterday, as last night we crossed over the $2,000 mark in donations. Thank you to everyone who donated and please keep getting the word out and keep the donations coming in. We’ve been hitting the email and the phones and we’re putting together some amazing things to come. Think your favorite creators and your favorite publishers….think charity auctions…think awesome signed comics and comics related stuff – and it will all go to help Dave and his recovery. Stay tuned for more details!

04/28 UPDATE
WOW – What a turnout everyone – in less than 24 hours (and on a Sunday no less), we’ve already raised over $1,000! Please keep getting the word out and letting people know.


  1. I mentioned this over on the Benbo, but I thought I’d add it here, too.  You guys are awesome for setting this up.  We should all do what we can to help David out.

  2. Just donated. Wish I could afford to give more. This is a tragedy. Please keep us updated on David.

  3. THIS is why I love the comics community.  We take care of our own.  Everyone donate.  Every dollar will help a guy who loved the hobby we adore.

    Great job setting this up boys!  🙂 

  4. @thefreakytiki – You’re so right. No one has been more supportive than the fanboy community. I’ve decided to skip next week’s comics and give another $10 to help this guy.

  5. Saw this at the Benbo and had to pitch in.  Thanks to you uys for setting this up and thanks to everyone who donates anything at all.  This is a great cause.

  6. This URL needs to be sent to Newsarama/the Beat/CBR/ ICv2 etc. to spread the word.  The more people that know, the better chance that this this gentleman will be able to get back on his feet.

    the Tiki 

  7. Yes, thank you for setting this up! Awesome!



  8. I get paid next week. There will definitely be a donation then.

    Great cause. Glad to see all parts of the industry seem to be trying to do something. Good stuff.

  9. Capital City Collectibles is mine and Roblaw’s LCS.  David is an awesome guy.  Thanks for setting this up.

  10. i sadly don’t have the funds to donate at this time. i do however have lot of comic books and collectibles i would gladly donate for any kind of fund raising sales of any type here in grand rapids.


    you guys are awesome for setting this up. and i hope that mr pirkola makes a speedy recovery. 

  11. Thank you guys so much for reporting this, and for putting up the link to donate. I’m glad I had a chance to.

    Its good to know we have such a strong online community.

  12. I gave my money!  I’m glad that so many people are helping out!

  13. I go to the shop this happend at and will be donating money too

  14. I just donated to the worthy cause.

  15. Gave my $20.  Wonder if HERO initiative would be inclined to help too?

  16. just supported him the best way possible.  I went and bought invencable ultimate collection vol. one.

     I talked to the guy in the store and he said they still don’t know how he is going to be yet.  So along with your money please add some prayers too. 

  17. Capital City Collectibles is my LCS. I’ve never been there because I just got into comics but it’s the closest one to me and I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to go in. I’ll be donating for sure.

  18. I want to thank not just iFanboy, but the whole comic community for being so great about this

  19. This community is so wonderful!! Things like this are tragic, but at the same time it’s through adversity that everyone can stand up and really show their true colors. I’m so impressed and feel privileged to be associated with this awesome group of people.

  20. The community, his friends and his family have all been so amazing with all their generous and thoughtful support!!  Thanks so much everyone!!!! 

    We all miss you Davers!  

  21. Besides making a donation, I’ve blogged about the drive over at the Graphic Novel Archive.  Kudos to IFanboy for putting this effort together!

  22. I dropped some cash on this, blogged it on DA/Livejournal and have also thought up an idea for a fundraiser.  Anyone know who I should contact to get the info on where to send any money if I get this fundraiser off the ground?

  23. john, 


    ask for Thom 

  24. Thanks for doing this.  I worked for Dave for many years, and he’s a great guy.  It’s really inspiring that so many people are willing to help in this time of tragedy.

    There’s a banner ad on my website directing people here. 

    Thank you.

  25. Dave, if you read this someday man, I hope that you are back a hundred ten percent. I remember biking to your store when I was a kid. Your store has stuck in my head as being THE comic book store and I would not be the same person that I am today were it not for you and your store. Pull through this man, I’m definatly rooting for you.

     If you are on Facebook, check out the group I started there "Help David Pirkola!" and if you have not donated yet, seriously what are you waiting for?

  26. We need an update (well at least I do 😉 )


    the Tiki 

  27. @thefreakytiki Update Coming Tonite!

  28. Alleged shooters have been caught…


    the Tiki 

  29. thanks Tiki! New update posted above!

  30. 5/07/08  Greetings, iFanboy Comics Fans –

    I feel like a dolt and like I have been on the Slow Boat! 

    I just now realized that the injured Store Owner in that shooting is the same David Pirkola that is a Member of our local Wyoming-Kentwood Area Chamber of Commerce!  I had heard about the shooting on the radio. (At that point, they had not yet released his name.)  We did not make the connection until I followed up on the news story and surfed into your (terrific!) web site and saw all your posts!

    Our Chamber is about 650 Businesses strong, with close to 24,000 employees in total.  I will be putting the word out to our Local Business Community that you have established this fund for David and will encourage everyone to make a significant contribution to it for David.

    I feel bad that it took us this long to complete this loop, but this Business Community will do what we can to help David and Apparitions get through this tough time.  We’re right here on the ground in and around his neighborhood, so if any of you hear of anything that we might be able to help with, please feel free to let me know.

    Thanks for all that you are doing!

    John J. Crawford, President & CEO – Wyoming-Kentwood Area Chamber of Commerce

    590  32nd Street SE, Wyoming, MI  49548-2345  616-531-5990

  31. I buy all my trades here.  Does anyone else shop here?

  32. Hello everyone, I’m not an avid comic book reader (although I do enjoy them) but I wanted to thank everyone for their support.  David is my father’s uncle and it’s very nice to know that so many people care enough to do something like this.  I guess that’s all I really wanted to say.  Thanks again for all the support from such a wonderful community.



  33. Chris,  I’m glad the community has been able to provide some assistance to your great Uncle and I know people are keeping him in their thoughts and Prayers for a complete recovery.  How is he doing??

  34. Well, my Dad has been filling me in during the many trips he is making over there and it is a slow recovery process as you can imagine.  That’s all I feel comfortable saying at this time, but once I found out about this effort you have all put together for him I was very moved and tears start to come to my eyes.  I know I already said it, but it’s very touching to see that so many people care and are providing assistance like this, even when they don’t personally know him.  Again, thank you all and I will try and let you know of any major updates.

  35. I wanted to thank iFanboy for setting this up to help Dave.  I’ve been getting all my comics at Dave’s shop for years and he runs a great store.  When Captain America #25 came out and he had already sold out because of the media hype, Dave and his staff made sure I got a copy at cover price even though it wasn’t on my pull list – he said he just wanted to make sure the real fans got to read the story too .  That is the type of shop he runs and it is great to see he is getting this kind of support.