Fun New Comics Sites Online

This has been a busy week for comics online and there are a few new sites that are worth checking out:

• First up: — it’s like MySpace, uhm, but for comics fans! Go to our page there and be our friend:

• Next is a new site that’s in beta from the fine folks at! If you’re familiar with the site Digg, it’s like that… uhm, but for comics news!

• Finally, the people behind Devil’s Due Publishing are giving the online comics thing a try with their new site — Pullbox Online — it’s like iTunes, uhm, but for comics.

All this activity really makes our minor little server upgrade not a big deal, huh? Guess we better get moving on iFanboy 3.0, eh?


  1. Those are cool. so is:

    It lets us see who would really win.

    (long time lurker. first time poster)

  2. Pullbox is a strange idea, I wonder how well it will do. 99cents is cheap for a comic book, but In my opinion you

  3. ( I love that my personal info has been saved from my last post. )

    It’s great that Web 2.0 finally caught up to comics. Let’s hope we see more AJAX in the coming weeks for four color funnies!

  4. I joined comicspace. I’m not sure why or if I’ll ever go back but if you want to add me I’m at

  5. Comicspace is so cool, as soon as I signed up I felt an ooOoo coming on, once they start letting you track your favorite books, I’ll be totally sold.

    Pullbox Online is really cool too, I can’t say that (even if they get Marvel and DC) the site will make me forsake my paper copies, but for independent books, I could see myself become an addict.

    So far, I’ve found Desperadoes, and as a big Old West/John Cassaday fan, I can’t wait to crack open the files.

  6. Yeah, Stuart Immonen, Bendis, and Warren Ellis are 3 of my best friends in the world.

    It does look like it will actually be kind of cool once they get all of the features going.

    I’m so glad that they seem to be skipping some of the more annoying myspace shit like custom backgrounds and songs and all that nonsense.

  7. And I have the best picture of myself up there

  8. Augie: Stop beating that AJAX horse. 🙂