Full Roster of Pinup Artists Revealed for Return of the Dapper Men

We all know that crazy, insane person Jim McCann is excited for the upcoming release of his Return of the Dapper Men, with art by Janet Lee.  When it comes to the staggering array of artists he has doing pinips for his original graphic novel, he's got good reason to be.  Yesterday, we featured the exclusive first look at Adrian Alphona's (Runaways) Dapper pinup, and several of the other comic sites had their own as well.  But today, Archaia has released the full linup of pinup artists included in the book.

Adrian Alphona and Christina Strain

Joyce Chin

Katie Cook

Colleen Coover

Dave Perillo

Mike Perkins

Evan Shaner

Tom Whalen

Skottie Young

Also included will be David Mack, John Tyler Christopher, and Mark Smylie.  There's currently no word on whether the pinup artists worked on giant slabs of wood, but it's clear that if they didn't, they should have.

Look for Return of the Dapper Men in October, with limited numbers of copies available on the New York Comic-Con, October 8-10. Or you can pre-order it from your local shop. 


  1. I absolutely adore Evan Shaner’s work. He’s incredible!

  2. So much awesome… I’m a big fan of Dave Perillo’s pin-up, as well as, y’know, the rest of them.

    Which reminds me… who’s Dave Perillo? When is this book actually coming out for those of us not at NYCC? 

  3. this pin ups look awesome but Janet Lee will not be out shined. Home girls got some serious skills!