Fringe – S01E18 – Midnight

Tonight’s episode – Midnight

For my money, the best part about this show is John Noble’s brilliant performance as the socially addled super genius mad scientist Dr. Walter Bishop.  It’s his off-the-wall zaniness that is the perfect counter-point to the very serious and dour and often very gruesome things that happen on the show. Walter Bishop is one of my favorite new characters from this season of television. I can’t help it, the guy just makes me laugh.

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. Woot! early much.

  2. Conor, I 100% agree with you about Bishop.

    His presence is also what distinguishes Fringe from X-Files.

  3. @odino1: Definitely. X-FILES could, at times,  be opressive.

  4. Bishop definitely has the mad science thing going on…but the thing that I like most about him is that he’s funny

  5. *grumble*AMERICAN IDOL*grumble*

  6. ahh…this guy aint gonna last long

  7. Although it was kind of worth it to see Ryan Seacrest sputter out at the end there.

  8. Fringe in HD!

  9. That looks like the most unfun club ever.

  10. was that one of the creepy bald dudes that just walked by in the background?

  11. There he goes

  12. These are not good extras that they hired!

  13. someone is gonna get it

  14. "Nice apartment. Lots of… space."

  15. Wow.

  16. And that’ll teach you not to cheat while your girlfriend is in Portland.

  17. mmm…chewy

  18. This girl looks like a cross between the main character from Ginger Snaps and Paul Atreides

  19. these pro-windows commercials do nothing but piss me off horrendously

  20. I’m a block away from Applebees who wants a Real Burger?

  21. @Heroville actually, what I’d really like is a Fake Burger

  22. "Two Singles Together" would leave me and my girlfriend with no friends at all

  23. Hurm. Adult conversation.

  24. someone is snacking on spines

  25. Andrew Kreisberg!

  26. @CaptainPrimate: Well, spinal fluid is tasty…

  27. The two most reoccuring characters in fiction: Dracula and Sherlock Holmes

  28. I think the father-son point/counterpoint is pretty amusing

  29. Aaaaaaawkward.

  30. Do people normally keep their divorce attorney’s numbers on them?

  31. that is decidedly un-divorce attorney-like music

  32. The killer is Al Capone!

  33. did you know that the word "syphallus" is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful words in the english language…true story

  34. @CaptainPrimate His attorney was Matt Murdock


    Man the CDC’s busy as hell this week.  Maybe this is the cause of that magic pig disease?

  35. Just once it would be interesting to see the guy from the CDC cast has ruggedly handsome and not super nerdy.

  36. ahhh, man, I didn’t need to see that

  37. Who funds ZFT? Probably Massive Dynamic.

  38. "Reveal unto us the mysterious maleficient source of the evil in this series!"

  39. @conor same goes for all of the show’s scientists…nerdy McNerdy pants

  40. @conor or Veridian Dynamics…or Lexcorp

  41. @Heroville Veridian Dynamics is my favorite awesome fictional crazy ass company

  42. @CaptainPrimate: Well, Josh Jackson is *kinda* like a scientist…

  43. @conor if by "kinda" you mean he faked his PhD, then you would be right!

  44. @conor then again, he probably did better than most people with a real PhD (shhhhh…we’re crazy)

  45. @CaptainPrimate: Is it the degree or the knowledge that’s more important?

  46. Chinese restaurant as a front for evil? MY GOD!

  47. Well, this is more exposed spines than I expcted to see this Tuesday.

  48. Where’s Jack Shepherd when you need him?

  49. I’ve known of chinese food restaurants as fronts for counterfeit handbag sales and also as a place to illegally buy cheap booze, but nothing involving exposed spines, as far as I know.

  50. "I will hit a man in a wheelchair, don’t think I won’t."

  51. The only exposed spines are on the rabbits in the windows

  52. @conor well, if you claim to be a professor, a PhD is kinda important

  53. Well done with the hot wife, Mr. Scientist.

  54. uh oh…that dude’s evening isn’t going to end well

  55. Oh, fuck!

  56. pepsi throwback?  seriously, is that a joke?

  57. So the fluid in the vials is alien dna. She’s part Venom now.

  58. "We found something very interesting on the tape. It comes right after the recorded sex which, I’ll be honest, was awkward for everyone."

  59. news flash – all nerdy scientists have hot wives

  60. its a creepy catch phrase "The more I gave, the more she craved"

  61. "Why would they create this? BECAUSE THEY’RE EVIL"

  62. AWESOME "I also have a cow"

  63. Showing his lab off with mad scientist pride.

  64. Super-Pnuemonia? Alright these people are definitely behind the magic pig disease

  65. @conor Mad Scientist pride or mad Scientist pride?

  66. mad scientist envy

  67. @Heroville: The beauty is, they both work.

  68. "Founder of Massive Dynamic, richest man in the world, and half Vulcan."

  69. Was that title just floating in the middle of the air?

  70. @Heroville: They usually are, aren’t they?

  71. Major Tom (Coming Home) is an awesome song…even if its a cover on a shitty car commercial

  72. @conor: I thought it was a piece of scenery

  73. what body guy DOESN’T want a cookie…seriously

  74. She’s not a vampire she’s a succubus

  75. clap on, clap off, clap on, clap off…the clapper

  76. back to the sucky club

  77. These people look like their at a junior high dance not a hot nightclub

  78. @Heroville: I blame Canada for these lifeless extras!

  79. my wife just turned to me and asked…."ahhh, how did he get spinal fuid out of himself?"  good question

  80. Everytime they say Farnsworth I think Futurama. Good news everyone! Spinal fluid for everyone!

  81. If you’re the guy walking out of the club and a bunch of guys with what look like guns come at you… don’t you stop walking?

  82. @conor: It just confirms everything my friends at BU have said about Boston being boring

  83. "She’s going to be out for hours" usually means she’s going to wake up at any moment.

  84. And there it is.

  85. @conor dude, don’t blame us…only the pilot was shot in TO….they moved down to NY after (apparently)

  86. @CaptainPrimate: They’ve moved back to Canada since; wear your shame!

  87. Shit now swine flu’s coming at me from both sides

  88. I bet the scientist is secretly hoping that after she’s cured, his wife will continue to dress like that.

  89. Or, he’s not hoping anything.

  90. Cause he’s dead

  91. SPOOOOOOOOOCK!  How could you fund ZFT?

  92. Ohmygod, a Spock reference! That’s either too much or too awesome. And the bald guy!

  93. wow…thats some serious nerd fanservice…son of Sarek indeed

  94. WHAAAT?