Fringe – S01E17 – Bad Dreams

Tonight’s episode – Bad Dreams

Let’s hope that American Idol doesn’t push this one too late this time.  Bad dreams leading to murder in New York City is always fun.  And it’s the story of my life.

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. How about leading to murder of American Idol….

  2. One, two, Dunham’s coming for you.

  3. Hey look at that, kinda on time!

  4. A very "American Werewolf" feel.

  5. Only really early in the morning

    Am I the only one getting Untouchables vibes?

  6. I looooove the architecture of Grand Central Station.

    Also, I don’t think it’s ever that empty.

  7. WHOA!

  8. So, what, the circus let out at 4am?

  9. Statistically, whatever is happening to Olivia has something to do with Walter’s work.  

  10. I wonder if they are going to find more excuses to "go to New York" to save on art direction costs.

  11. That would have been wonderous!

  12. Just they just have to be vague enough in their explanation

     "We need to go to Queens for….something"

  13. The only problem I have with this show is that sometimes… sometimes… Peter is a bit much.

  14. "Pipen!"

    That made me laugh.

  15. It’s amazing how shows like this still make people soo skeptical after everything they’ve seen.

  16. Mmm… street pretzels.

  17. @hbkhumanity: They have to. How many years was Scully a skeptic? Hell, she was still skeptical in the last film! They do the same thing with Batman, too.

  18. My five year old instincts were correct – nothing good can come from going to the circus

  19. I bet they went to The Big Apple Circus. THEY GET RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!

  20. I know, but with everything involving the tank and her memories with John, not even a maybe. And Scully, by the end it was ridiculous.

  21. However on the Middleman – pretty much everyone believed everything

  22. More John Noble monologues!

  23. Awesome.

  24. Hey, we haven’t seen Massive Dynamic in a while, have we?

  25. She’s a much better looking Freddy Krueger.

  26. @Conor Should be coming back soon with Leonard Nimoy as the head.

  27. I… I don’t think… would the police do that? Allow you to sit by your intended victim as they lay dying in the hospital?

  28. Its possible she was the only relative he had but still

  29. She’s traveling at near warp 10, flying apart.

  30. Please let it be Fabio…

  31. You’re going to want to zoom in and enhance.

  32. He’s lucky it was cinnamon, I just put oregano in an ice coffee a few hours ago

  33. Hey, Alvarez/Toye healed up quick!

  34. I don’t know anything about the killer, but I think Stephen Dorfd could have played him.

  35. "I didn’t wanna sound crazy" – You really should just expect everything you say to sound crazy at this point

  36. "He had a very unusual insurance policy. Very old. I’ve never seen anything like it."

    "Oh, you mean it actually covered things?"

  37. Fringe ties into Final Crisis?!

  38. I hope these "abilities" that olivia is part of is not that prominent in the overall mythos.

  39. I hope Grant Morrison walks in wearing a white suit to explain it all.

  40. I don’t think "I might have been" really puts anyone at ease

  41. This isn’t going to end well for somebody.

  42. Goddam autotune

  43. What an uninterested stripper.

  44. Glass is going to break

  45. I just noticed now that Dream!Olivia is walking like a man

  46. Very "Pusher" X-files.

  47. @Heroville: She’s doing very subtle things in her acting that are very good.

  48. Nice, the situps.

  49. Yea I’m really kinda surprised I didn’t notice that before


  50. He’s very much like The Gray Man form DC. He even wears all gray clothes.

  51. Really they both need new wardrobes

  52. Can I get a substription. ha.

  53. This is, so far, a nice, tight little thriller of an episode.

  54. The emotional pied piper.

  55. That’s a whole lot of jumpers.

  56. Observer!

  57. If you’re Peter, at what point do you ask for some kind of badge? I know I’d want one.

  58. William Bell?

  59. Oh, fuck!

  60. Damn.

  61. I just yelped, and then immediately John Noble made me laugh.

  62. Commericial talk: anyone watching those G.I. Joe Resolute webisodes Ellis wrote?

  63. Nope.

  64. John Noble – not so good with the cue cards.

  65. No, haven’t seen them.

  66. No one fell forward?

  67. @Conor It sounded like a different language for a couple of seconds.

  68. Looks like they fell the same direction he did.

  69. They’re good, I like ’em

     Maybe they asorbed his same pain and thefore doubled over the same way?

  70. 1… 2… Freddy’s coming for you…

  71. When you live the kind of life that Olivia does, when your niece tells you that the things that were put inside her are alive now, you probably freak out a bit more.


  73. I never passed the Koybashi test!

  74. Damn – now do I watch the Unusuals or Deadliest Warriors?

  75. Maru!

  76. I feel like they should start promoting Nimoy’s appearance now.

  77. I’m so glad they got back around to the ZFT handbook and the pattern. I kinda felt like they got away from the main story for awhile.

  78. That was Nimoy on the tape of William Bell’s experiment. Wow, does he sound old, like abour 100 years old. I guess his guest appearance will be in a flashback to these experiments since Bell was already old in the tape and could not possibly be alive today. But I guess anything is possible on this show.

  79. Nah, they can use him now. It’s not too much of a logical leap to think his voice has always been gravelly. It’s the least crazy thing on a show like this.

  80. I am sick of this show. I’ll give it a week more.

  81. @conor

    Just for the record, cause you know commenting on minutiae is IMPORTANT.  That Grand central station is in fact Union station of Toronto.  ANd, it’s often that empty, at least on that level, the underground part that leads to the ACC where the raptors and leafs play is usually rammed.

    I love this show, and look forward to Toronto spotting every week.

  82. @CAM: Are you sure about that? Because FRINGE shoots here in NYC.

  83. @CAM: Ah, it looks like they moved to Toronto mid-season.

  84. I hope I see Lt. Daniels on the street some day.  I’ll be all like "Got them WMD’s"