Fringe – S01E16 – Unleashed

Tonight’s episode – Unleashed

The biggest Fringe news in the last week was that Leonard Nimoy is coming to the show for an extended arc running through the end of this season and the beginning of the next, playing the oft-mentioned, yet so far unseen William Bell.  That’s freaking awesome.  I can’t wait to see Leonard Nimoy and John Noble face off!

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. I’m not going to be around for this one, so unless a bunch of people carry the torch, this will probably end up a post-show discussion.

  2. I’m ready, bring it on!

  3. Where the monster’s at?

  4. Hurry up American Idol. This is starting to get old quickly.

  5. I want Olivia to read me a bed time story like that. Lol.

  6. Ahh the a-typical set the animals free storyline. Which I’m guessing there is a huge monster coming soon.

  7. Are the animals supposed to find and exit through the lobby?

  8. Lol never open the giant metal door, what a twit.

  9. shoot her!

  10. What impresses me with Fringe is that they manage to film the people being grabbed by something just right, so that it’s compelling. If I hadn’t been paying attention that would’ve scared me a little.

  11. Lol creepy vampire dude from Angel again, creepy Verizon commercial.

  12. Blood pouring from the mouth is quickly becoming my new favorite way to show someone dying.

  13. Oh….dear god……I will think twice about eating an omlette next time.

  14. For the love god people we learned not to eat in the lab in sixth grade.

  15. I wanna know how they proposed that in a meeting…..So….we should totally have an ear in an omelette… an incubator lol.

  16. Kirk Avacedo better not die in this episode, and lol…Walter is eating evidence…What the crap.

  17. Also Anna Torv in a beanie makes her look like a teenager, or young adult, cute though.


  19. SO a Basalisk?

  20. oh dear…lol. Hi Dann. ..What the frak? Perhaps there is a giant Walrus eating everyone…..



  23. This is the kinda episode that’d be ripe for a crossover with The Secret Saturdays.


    And this lady’s accent is slipping.

  24. Walter’s files would be the first palce i’de check for answers on this show.

  25. >_>….uhhh Walter knows something. Anticipation boo ya!

  26. @Heroville Olivia? She is Australian.

  27. Damn that guy got torn to shreds. Lol, "Big" which means that can never be good of course.

  28. Walter on psychadellics would be the craziest thing ever.

  29. The guy who first saw the creature acted pretty calm.

  30. ….oh god…Walter created SuperSnake!

  31. Eggs?

  32. Christ….that is a lot of larvae. I’m glad smellivision isn’t active right now.

  33. Charlie is going to be in for a world of hurt.

  34. The observer in the newscast!

  35. This monster seems it belongs in a sci fi chanel movie vs a boa.

  36. That X-Men Origins commercial just made that film look ridiculous. I’m still going to see it though. And that is not something I would want to see in an Ultrasound.

  37. Oh snap… a rough form of Chemo?

  38. @ coleman yeah, that gambit bridge bit looked pretty bad.

  39. The scientist with the glassed and the beige jacket looked familiar.

  40. I seriously thought that kid was gonna get nabbed. That would’ve been crazy.

  41. Thank god those maps matched in scale.

  42. ROFL, that gatorade commercial just reminded me of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder) for some strange reason.

  43. ….Wow what a combination of animals.

  44. "Great survivors."

  45. .50 Cal rounds…Holy crap. Someone wants to put a few holes in that bat.

  46. Uh oh Walter is going to do something

  47. That sounds like a laugh that you know you’re going to die.

  48. I knew Walter was up to something.

  49. I stopped watching Prison Break after Season 2, but I plan on watching the last five episodes.

  50. Walter is going to kill the creature like wolverine killed the predator x.

  51. This reminds me of a similar seen with ripley in aline 3…"just do what you do."

  52. Ah the ever illustrious from the ceiling dropping creature. Although that thing is quite menacingly looking. ….they dropped that thing with two bullets?!

  53. Exactly, it should have taken a couple more rounds,

  54. Those things look like cheetos now.

  55. The only thing that bugs me is that they keep bouncing with the story, which essentially keeps making you have to watch week to week…..and next week’s Fringe looks awesome, Freddy Kreuger with an attractive lady!

  56. That was a great episode. I love how after all this science they slay the monster with a huge hand cannon. lol but this was a fun ride, one of the best so far. I also liked how they went a little more indepth with the characters on a personal side, without it turning into a soap opera.

  57. Really enjoying this show, it does an excellent job of creating an overall arc and keeping the singular story engaging.

  58. They always manage to do the characters personally well, but I still don’t like the story bouncing.

  59. @coleman True. As much as I love the show, I would like to see some things resolved. I wish they would hurry up and get back to how/why Jones blew a huge hole in the wall and busted out of the hospital. Then last week they left alot of mystery concering the kid and didn’t mentioned it at all in this episode.

  60. Because AMERICAN IDOL ran long, my DVR cut off the end of the episode.  It stopped right as Olivia said "They’re dying" while looking at the sonogram.  What happaned after that?

  61. I hear that happened to alot of people last week too. But the Larvae died, they cured charlie and he went home to his wife. Olivia slept with the the light on so apparently shes now afraid of monsters.

  62. People still watch this show?  Maybe I’ll rent it from Netflix.

  63. Yes, many people watch it.  It’s quite good.

  64. my TiVo cut off the last two minutes as well conor.  if you’d like to see it, you can pull it up at and just click at the end of the ep (that’s what I did – although the summary provided above is pretty much it).