Free Comic Book Day 2007 Preview: ‘The Astounding Wolf-Man’

Next to Dan Slott and Phil Jimenez’s The Amazing Spider-Man special issue, the comic that iFanboy is the most excited for on Free Comic Book Day is Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard’s The Astounding Wolfman and CBR has a preview of the first few pages!

I’ve never actually been to a Free Comic Book Day before and you know why I’m going this year? They are actually offering books that I am interested in reading instead of just using this event as an opportunity to dump excess books based on licensed properties.

And you can’t go wrong with Robert Kirkman, right? Well, I guess you can — I had no interest in Irredemable Ant-Man, but I love, love, love The Walking Dead and Invincible (I am thisclose to ordering the oversized hardcover) so I’m in for this book.


  1. Oh. My. God. This book looks amazing. Seriously, words escape me to express my excitement. Let the countdown to Free Comic Book Day begin!

  2. I’m just glad to be able to jump on to a Image Kirkman book with issue #1…awesome!

  3. You know, I wish I would have known this was coming out. I’ve already bought the first two trades and have ordered the third. Seems like a waste to get this “Absolute edition” now. Damn!

  4. For the Invincible book I mean…

  5. I just bought the ‘complete invincible collection vol 1’ HC… it is awesome! Over 170 pages of extra material, and it looks super-sexy.

  6. Can’t wait for this one… And the artist lives in my town!

  7. You know, I wish I would have known this was coming out. I’ve already bought the first two trades and have ordered the third. Seems like a waste to get this “Absolute edition” now. Damn!

    Tell that to Conor.

    Order the big boy, and then give your trades to some hapless soul who never knew comics could be so good.

  8. Josh, you make a fine argument. My girlfriend now hates you.

    Is this something Image is planning on putting together on a regular basis? Or is this a one time thing? I would hate to drop the dough on this and then have to finish my collection in TPBs. Call a freaky, OCD completist, but it would make my shelf look weird.

  9. You’d have to ask Robert Kirkman that. But if we run into him, we’ll ask him. But he lives in Kentucky, so…

  10. I am a big fan of getting as much of a series in a single volume as possible. I got that Barnes & Noble-exclusive Ultimate Spider-Man doorstop edition a year or so ago, and it was some of the best money I ever spent. You spend enough time reading ‘written for the trade’ issues that seem to end mid-story and then get something like this, and it’s like getting whiplash.

  11. I find that I get so much more enjoyment out of reading the Invincible trades than I do most normal issues. And I still get a “WHAT’S NEXT!?” feeling at the end.

    In fact, it kind of makes me want to read this Wolf Man book in trades. But then, I also want to see what it’s like to read his stuff monthly.


  12. Ok, so I broke down and got it. I read somewhere that they were only doing this one print, so I figured what the hell. I just know that later on down the road I would want this bad boy and then I would have to pay double for it.

    God, I really need to stay away from this website. My wallet, and now my girlfriend completely hate me. 🙂

  13. Does she read Invincible?

    My wife love that book. It’s the only superhero book she’ll read. However, I just got her started on Powers, and I think that’s going well.

  14. You know, it’s not really that she hates me, it’s more the looks I get when she finds out I spent more of my money on comics. Somewhere in there, I think she’s plotting my eventual murder.

    And the thing is that my girlfriend has an instant aversion to certain things. White Castle’s is one. Beer is another. And comics is definitely the third.

    However, being the pimp master that I am, maybe I could sweet talk her into at least peeking through the first few pages whilst I drink from my golden chalice.

    …I truly live in a fantasy world.

    Maybe it’s a “tip toe into the cold water kind of thing.” I’ve been plotting on trying to get her to read something like Bone or Blankets, but I’ve had no such luck so far. I’m going to keep trying though. Heck, I got her playing the Wii, so anything is possible.

    You know, this is kind of a good topic for your relationship podcast you want to do. How do you bring comics to someone who doesn’t read them? And if they resist, how do you get away with those big purchases?

    Another thought too: how do you explain your hobby to someone who doesn’t have hobbies and understand the mentality of collecting and such?

    …And to keep this on topic, didn’t Kirkman have some sort of idea for this earlier on, which he showed in one of the Invincible trades? I could have sworn I remember seeing a dog-man with guns somewhere. I’d look, but I’m out of town and away from my stuff.