Frank Miller Made a Load of Money in 2005

The top selling comics for 2005 were announced by Diamond. Lot’s of X’s, and Bendis books are in there, as well as the big event books, which seem to sell very well.

It looks like there aren’t too many surprises, other than Green Lantern’s new series, oft-maligned at iFanboy, is doing rather brisk business. Dark Horse actually outsold Image by marketshare, likely due to Sin City books. I’m also surprised at the success of the Kirkman’s The Walking Dead trades, way up at the top, and the Invincible trades, way down at the bottom. Black and white triumphs!


  1. Image is practically dead, at this point.

  2. Dark Horse puts out ALOT of stuff if you look at it…all those Star Wars books alone….

  3. Wow – I can’t remember a time when DC had 8 of the top 10 books.

  4. *sighs* There is no hope for independents.

  5. On the bright side, the sales on creator owned trades means more money in the artist’s pockets.

    But in terms of single issues, no there is no hope for indies. Not really. Hell, I don’t even buy them in singles. When I buy indies it’s almost always in trades.

  6. Indies don’t need as many sales to make a profit though. If you’re a guy doing your book, and you can get a small number of loyal readers, it is possible to make a living off of it, even if that many readers would cause a bigger publisher to cancel it the book. So, while they don’t show up on the TOP sales charts, they’re there and thriving, just like indy music and movies do. I don’t think this is an indicator of the health of indpendent publishing. And I think if the creator gets to the point where he/she can put out trades, that’s better for them, because those books can be sold anywhere, besides comic shops.

  7. True; and I almost think independants in TPB would do better than the single issue. But that’s a lot of time, art and money up front to gamble with.

    *sighs* I miss the days of drug store sales.