Frank Gorshin (1934-2005)

The Riddler is dead.


Ron & Frank Gorshin – July, 2001

This is so sad. Those of us at iFanboy who weren’t too much in awe of him (like I was), actually met Frank a few years ago at San Diego Comic-Con.

This is very sad — I can still hear his crazy Riddler laugh.

Frank Gorshin’s final screen performance can be seen on this Thursday’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, in an episode directed by Quentin Tarantino.


  1. I didn’t know him, but goddamn it, if I didn’t respect him!

    Actually, he was apparently the best impressionist of the era. He could do any of the great stars from the 30’s-50’s. A great talent.

  2. He was my Dad’s favorite comedian/actor – he used to watch him do his impressions on talk shows all through the 60s

    In 7th grade, me and my Dad watched the episode of Star Trek he was on when he had his face painted half black and half white, and I was all excited because the Riddler was on Star Trek.

    No one looked better in a suit full of question marks – well maybe Lesko – but Gorshin owns that character as far as I’m concerned – his manic giggle and the way he’d clasp his hands together.


    We met him in San Diego during a downtime at the autograph alley, summer of 2001 – he was downright ornery but then super nice – and it was one of my favorite moments of my geek life.

    Goodbye Frank – I miss you already.

  3. He had one scene in this week’s CSI, but he was very good in it. He did impressions of Burt Lancaster, Ed Sullivan and a hilarious Jack Nicholson.

  4. He was damn talented. I am taping all the old Batman episodes. It’ll be a sadder day when the ultra sweet Batgirl passes away.

  5. Yvonne Craig!


    When I was in my “just discovering girls” years, she was El Numero Uno.

  6. But by that point she was likely still 50 years old or more.


  7. Yes, but not on the TV she wasn’t. Also, she could still be hot at 50-something!

    for a 50something – shes kinda hot I suppose

    she was on Star Trek too…the green skinned chick

  9. kinda hot?

    is my monitor broken?

    I was just giving Conor a hard time, but “kinda hot”?

  10. Heh.