Francesco Francavilla’s BLACK BEETLE Rises in #0 Issue and All-New Mini Series ‘No Way Out’

Colt City’s own obsidian scarab returns to take back the night!

iFanboy favorite Francesco Francavilla first chronicled the stalwart efforts of the masked vigilante in Black Beetle ashcans and pinups before delivering a three-part serial in the pages of Dark Horse Presents earlier this year. That breakout tale, “Night Shift” will be reissued in December as The¬†Black Beetle #0. In it, the Beetle faces off against Hitler’s nefarious Werewolf Korps in their bid to capture an arcane relic from Colt City’s Natural History Museum. What is the Hollow Lizard, and why does the fuhrer so desperate to possess it? Black Beetle #0 includes all three chapters of the original tale plus exclusive sketches and a brand new cover.

Then in January, the character returns for his first mini-series, the four-part The Black Beetle: No Way Out. ¬†Here, the Beetle is stymied in his efforts to surveil Colt City’s two most notorious crime lords when both are murdered in a mysterious explosion. Who could have orchestrated such a devastating hit on such connected dons, and to what end? It’s a perilous conspiracy that promises to tow our hero deep into the city’s shadowy underworld.

We’ll take ours with extra pulp, please!


  1. This was pretty cool, I love the pulp stuff Francavilla does as his style really lends itself well to that material and he obviously has a real love for it.

    I am selfishly a little upset over these 0 issues that Dark Horse releases (or at least mixed feelings). I buy all the Dark Horse Presents issues for the all the new content that I thought I couldn’t find anywhere else, though I don’t love all the stories in the issues. Then Dark Horse is using that to springboard new mini-series while collecting the DHP material as 0 issues. Here’s my selfish problem: I’d rather have the 0 issue but already paid for the DHP, I can’t predict which material they’ll collect later, and I’m a little worried people might also know this and just skip getting DHP in hopes of getting the collected material later which makes me a little worried that DHP may tank one day in the future. I’m glad there are more options to get the content out to more people, but I wish I didn’t feel just a little suckered for being an early adopter…really this is probably more my own personal issue rather than a business issue.

  2. Goddamn. I swear Francavilla isn’t a real person. I’m pretty sure he’s my dreams and imaginings come to life.

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for these come December and January.

  3. will get. looks wicked good.

  4. When does this come out? I recently finally read his work on Detective Comics with Snyder: absolutely incredible. And his work on Swamp Thing a few issues back.

  5. Love Francavilla and pulp heros. This is a no brainer

  6. I was just wondering yesterday when I came across the 1st BB app in DHP if Black Beetle will have an ongoing or mini soon and BLAM!!! I love the noir-pulp Lobster Johnson and the classic Ted Kord Blue Beetle, combine them with Francesco Francavilla and here we go…..still find it weird I was just thinking about it yesterday and this is the 1st thing I see when opening iFanboy today. Happy happy,joy joy!

  7. I was hoping something like this would happen. Congratulations Francesco, I already buy most anything with your name on it, so this is a given. Awesome news for fans of good comics!

  8. I’m in! I dropped off DHP after issue #1 but I loved the Beasts of Burden issue that came out a while ago. Much prefer the better stories as a whole than an $8 mixed bag. This looks wonderful!

  9. I know this might sound stupid but what exactly is pulp?.

  10. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Yes! And his CAPTAIN AMERICA & BLACK WIDOW arc will make the wait sweeeeeeet

  11. Very excited by this as the novellette in DHP was great, and Francavilla is one of my personal faves. Bring it on!

  12. Francesco is a brilliant artist. Very much looking forward to this!