Follow iFanboy in San Diego on Twitter!

Can’t go to San Diego for the Con? Or you are going to be at the Con and want to find us? Well now you can! Head over to for up to the minute updates on our coming and goings at the San Diego Comic-Con!

So sign up for Twitter, add us to your list of people to follow and you can even have our updates sent to your cell phone via SMS! What more could you ask for?

Yes, it’s slightly like cyber-stalking but we’re here to tell you that for this week, it’s okay! Last year in San Diego there were a lot of people who said that they couldn’t find us amid the acreage of pop culture fans and booths. We could totally understand, there are a lot of people and a lot of space. So now you have a way to track some of our movements and/or enjoy our up-to-the-minute pithy commentary!

Yay Twitter!


  1. Nice! 🙂 I’m loving twitter more and more..

  2. That’s effing rad. iFanboy in my pocket.

  3. Cool. How often will you be messaging?

  4. a lot.
    We’ll all be armed with laptops and mobile phones, Conor, Josh, Gordon the Intern and me…so expect quite the iFanboy POV at the con

  5. I just opened my Twitter acount, very rad! You guys better be making my Oh Valencia! ringtone go off a lot! 😉

  6. I loves me my twitter, so I can’t wait.

  7. Thank god for unlimited text messaging.. 😉

  8. There are iFanboy t-shirts?!?!?! AWESOME!