FLASHPOINT: Andy Kubert’s Canterbury Cricket Concept Art

One of Flashpoint's  big mysteries–and there are many–is the Canterbury Cricket. What is this thing and what does it want with our 'Nilla Wafers? Andy Kubert sheds a little light on the subject, but just enough to send the cockroaches scuttling beneath the refrigerator. Here, courtesy of DC Comics is a character sheet for the enigmatic beastie. 

Click for some Times Square-size gross anatomy.


Here's what Kubert had to say. 

“I had no idea who or what this was…but he’s in the story. Geoff described him as a humanoid insect along the lines of…a cricket. I researched crickets, bugs and arachnids which are all cut-throat nasty little creatures but crickets in general are really not that menacing looking. They have big, round eyes that are soulful (to me, anyway). I tried to give him a bit of an attitude with some heavy, pointed brows along with some rigid body armor. A couple of spiky things off of his long, skinny arms and elbows, legs and anywhere else I thought worked. All this stuff brings out the fighter in him. Also an ultra thin thorax type of waist and I thought always being in a crouched position would be a good character niche. Canterbury is also pretty short…maybe about 4 feet tall. Lots of spots on him as I picture his color scheme to being like a just pulled from the ocean lobster.”

Best new character of 2011. I want seven! 


  1. I cannot wait to see what this guy’s deal is.

  2. Is Andy Kubert handleing ALL of the Flashpoint character designs/redesigns? If so YAY!!!!

    DC is making it very hard for me to pick and choose which of these minis I’m going to read…and thats a good thing.

  3. What is the Nilla Wafers reference? What if it’s actually Oreos? I have an idea about Canterbury Cricket but that’s all I will say for now…

  4. @kennyg 

    Yeah, we haven’t seen any signs of J’onn for flashpoint, have we? 

  5. @kennyg & @arkardo: Good call.

  6. Nilla Wafers are addictive with ice cream, even more so when you get the ones covered in that Lemon Powdered sugar. I suspect this is at the center of the Caneburry Cricket story arc. 

  7. @WheelHands  Time will tell. I could be way off base, but the cookie thing got me thinking. Also, the name is two of the same letter – “CC”, like “MM” (and “JJ” as well). If the costume were red, I’d be a lot more confident, but I will go on the record and say I think this is the Flashpoint Martian Manhunter.

  8. Looks like a district 9 prawn. Good calls on jj @all

  9. Ugh I was trying to say it looked like the Prawns from my blackberry, but screwed it up and switched to “standard view” and now the ifanboy site is weird on my BB.