FIRST LOOK: Samnee and Bagley Light Some Fireworks Under CAPTAIN AMERICA & BUCKY #620

Norman Rockwell is clawing his way through six feet of hard-packed dirt to get his hands on Captain America & Bucky #620. Even looking at these sweet, sweet Samnee pages inspires unbridled patriotism. You can smell the cracker jacks. It's summertime for the mercenary formerly known as the Winter Soldier and that means lazy, hazy, crazy days of soda and pretzels and beer. And fisticuffs. 

From Marvel: 

"Witness the formative years of Bucky Barnes as he rises from scrappy army brat to Captain America’s closest ally! In the premiere issue of the newly re-titled series, Bucky’s secret beginnings are revealed—shining a startling new light on the Captain America mythos!"

You ready for some Americana? Here's a preview of Brubaker and Andreyko's Captain America & Bucky #620, with interiors by Chris Samnee and a variant cover from Mark Bagley!

Look for it on August 10th! 


  1. Man that’s pretty!

  2. cover and interiors are awesome. bagley does a great bucky

  3. Can’t wait for this! Sad to see it pushed into August though.

  4. Beautiful.  After seeing this and Transformers 3, my patriotism is through the roof.

  5. that is a gorgeous book, i love everything about it.

  6. Looking forward to this title.  Samnee on anything is pretty rockin’.

  7. YESSSS!!!

  8. I love Cap and Bucky and definitely wanna check this out but I wanna see Cap and Bucky/Winter Soldier style as partners in modern continuity or even a stand alone HC story.

  9. Love Samnee’s art. Great and funny guy also.

  10. I want Bettie Breitweiser coloring everything in the marvel universe. She elevates already amazing art to an entirely new level.