Today Jim McCann (Return of the Dapper Men) unveiled this fantastic cover for Mind the Gap, his new ongoing from Image Comics. Covers and interiors come courtesy of Rodin Esquejo and colorist Sonia Oback. And from the looks of things, books gonna be mad pretty.

Meet Elle.

McCann spoke to us last fall about meeting this mysterious girl…in the shower:

Mind The Gap is my next foray into the world of the creator-owned world. It came from a germ of an idea I had been kicking around. Then, one day in the shower (I swear, I have read about more writers doing their best thinking in the shower), the story turned just enough to the darker side and suddenly, I saw it all in my mind. The beginning image, what happened in these characters’ lives before, who’s who and how they may or may not know others, and most importantly, I met Ellis Peterssen. Ellis, or “Elle”, is our main character, and literally at the center of this story. She is Mind The Gap.

What was the question? Oh, yeah, the story! Sorry, can’t tell you that. I can tell you parts of it, but there are so many pieces to this tale that I don’t want to tip my hand too soon. At its core, Mind The Gap is a mystery, a whodunnit. Something happens to Elle (hint: see the other teaser image) that sets everything into motion. Elle is now trying to solve the mystery of who apparently tried to kill her. Only problem is, she’s in a coma. And amnesiac.

Mind The Gap Teaser #12

You’ll definitely want to Mind the Gap this May.


  1. I will have to acquire this due to the fact that one of the hats I wear all the time is a red cap with the “Mind the Gap” symbol on the front.

  2. Kind of reminds me of Rachel Rising, but I’m sure it is a different animal

  3. Looks cool. Good writer. Very interested.

  4. Image is on a total roll lately, therefore im in for at least the first few issues 🙂

  5. I still haven’t picked up Return of the Dapper Men (but will soon!), but I’ll pick up at least the first few issues simply because Jim McCann is hilarious on the convention video shows.

  6. Thanks so much folks! We’re just gearing up! Look for more art, and even a special surprise before Image Expo! 😀