First Look: Gene Ha and Harvey Tolibao Turn in Pages for JUSTICE LEAGUE and GREEN ARROW

March is an exciting month around the new DC universe as many series enter into their second story arcs. This morning the publisher released early previews of the seventh issues of Justice League and Green Arrow. With new arcs comes new artists, one a fill-in and the other permanent.

Gene Ha steps in to give Jim Lee a breather with the first depiction of the modern day Justice League. Jumping ahead from their first meeting, this is the League as it exists now. DC hints that much has happened in five years. Justice League #7 will also debut the new Captain Marvel with Johns’ and Franks’ The Curse of SHAZAM backup.

From Justice League #7, art by Gene Ha


From Justice League #7, art by Gene Ha


From Justice League #7, art by Gene Ha

As for Green Arrow, the series gets an all new creative team with writer Ann Nocenti and artist Harvey Tolibao. We have a feeling a lot of Olly fans will be giving the book a second look come March. Hold on to your feathered caps, because these pages will set you quivering. In a good way.

From Green Arrow #7, art by Harvey Talibao

From Green Arrow #7, art by Harvey Talibao

From Green Arrow #7, art by Harvey Talibao

For more on both titles, check out DC’s Source Blog.


  1. Normally I really like Ha but the work here looks really jarring. The poses look, well…like poses. Stiff and without real fluidity which is a shame. Its something I’ve noticed now and then in his work but this is the first time I remember it being a real problem. Hopefully the fully rendered finals and a good story will make me not notice so much.

  2. Looks like Ollie is gonna have a hard time dealing with all those ladies…

  3. You know, I actually really like Green Arrow as a character — he’s long been a favorite. But I haven’t been able to buy a series with him in quite awhile. So, Ann Nocenti was a great start, and I’m really digging the look of Tolibao’s pencils.

    I know I’ve seen his name before…. anyone remember what else we may have seen him do?

    • Talibao did an Iron Man annual when he went to Madripoor, and he filled in on a few issues of the Initiative.

      If you like veins and musculature, you’ll love Harvey Talibao

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Mostly Marvel work. Most recently Heroes for Hire and Pak’s Silver Surfer.

      I’m digging this look too, Dave.

    • ah, yes, I remember the Iron Man annual. I don’t know if I was extremely impressed by that, but these pencils look good.

      Now, if we can get a readable Hawkman book and a Dr. Fate book, I’d have some of my DC faves back in the fold.

    • @daccampo – It would great if DC could ‘conjure’ up a Dr. Fate series. I’d even take a 3 – 4 issue stint in DC Universe Presents.

  4. Wait. Is the Curse of Shazam backup starting in Justice League #5, as previously announced, or Justice League #7?

  5. The art of Gene Ha is nothing to laugh at…what fantastic layouts. Worth picking JL up just for that issue alone. I really enjoyed Ha’s recent work in Action Comics and look forward to seeing his take on DC’s “big guys”.

    Weird…are those umbrella’s over the heads of our super friends?

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      I’m guessing umbrella constructs courtesy of Hal.

    • Looking closely, it appears Aquaman is refusing an umbrella or suggesting that he doesn’t need one (insert Aquaman water joke here).
      Possibly even funnier, Batman motions Hal away at the beginning, with Hal creating cover for him anyways and ending the scene with Bats having water (or something) dumped on him.

      My reading of this could be off mind you, but Ha’s storytelling ability is a good example of what separates a sequential artist from a person who ‘just draws really good’ (poor english phrase intended).

  6. Gene Ha, such a pleasure to look at his art. Can’t wait to get my hands on that title! 🙂

  7. Excited for the new Justice League issue and good for Green Arrow to get a new team.

  8. I’m curious of Justice League will go back t the ” years ag” time frame for their stories, or if it will be “current” from #7 on?

    • Interesting… the new “continuity” gives them room to do both. They can stay current and then occasionally jump back and do “Times Past” type flashback tales. That’s actually kinda nice to have that room…

  9. Prefer Gene Ha to Lee.

  10. “Gene Ha on Justice League!? Count me in!”

    That’s what I thought before I saw the preview pages. That is not the Ha that I know. Probably out cause of the cost.

  11. I know im in the minority, but i prefer the jurgen/perez art team to Tolibao. was going to drop the book, but decided to give giffen a chance (havent read his first issue yet) , Nocenti made me more interested, but this art makes me less interested.

    • My only problem with Jurgens/Perez art is that it looks so outdated. With a comic like Green Arrow that’s trying to be very modern with the costume and his new team and all, you’d think the art reflects it more (especially with Ollie who looks 30+). At least Talibao art makes me excited for some Green Arrow action and Ollie looks the right age.

  12. Gena ha art is not my bag baby good jumping,off point in jla for me

  13. I’ll take this new art over Jim Lee any day.

  14. wow, the GA art looks really nice, i was going to try it out for Nocenti but Tolibao is getting me crazy for March:)

  15. I’ll probably try this team on Green Arrow.

  16. Might pick up the Justice League issue, will i be able to follow the story jumping on at this slightly late stage?

  17. Whoa. Really excited for these. I might actually pick up Green Arrow when the new team takes over. The books looks like it will be a good time.

  18. Damn. Talented guys. I loved Ha on Action, he made baby kal-el so freaking adorable.
    This isn’t a finished page, right? The lack of a background on the JL pages worry me.

    But GA looks great, man. Agreed that Jurgens (while great) shouldn’t be on a book with a target “modern” feel to it. Just give him ALL of JLI.

  19. I liked the look of Superman but Batman looked….scrawny almost. Weird look. Still, I’ll check it out.