Fiona Staples Draws Jonah Hex #66

You might be wondering, "Fiona who?" to which I say to you: "For shame!"  Fiona provided art on one of our favorite minis of 2010, Mystery Society, as well as working on DV8 and an issue of Northlanders.  And she's kind of fantastic.

So it was with a smile that I read she'll be doing art on Jonah Hex #66, the series with an impossible standard of wonderful. Jimmy Palmiotti keep churning out an ungodly amount of excellent short stories for the scarfaced bounty hunter, and the artists keep on keeping up.

Take a glance at this cover image, and then don't miss the issue in April. Technically, you shouldn't miss any of the issues, but if you haven't listened to us by now, there's likely no helping you.

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  1. She also did the art on the North 40 mini series.

  2. I like it!

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Jimmy often asks via Twitter what artists we’d like to see on Jonah Hex. I’ve proffered a bunch of names, but never Fiona Staples. That pairing never occurred to me. 

    Now that it’s on the horizon, I’m STOKED!  

  4. Awesome! I was wondering where she would turn up next.

  5. Mystery Society took me longer to read than most trades of its length simply because of the art, I just couldn’t stop staring at some of those pages.  I don’t usually do this, but I think in this case I’ll be Hex just for the art.  I tried to get into the comic, but it’s just not my kind of thing.  This should be worth it though.

  6. @Paul: If that’s the case, I’ll have to flood his suggestion box with Gabriel Rodriguez.

  7. Stunning image.  Staples is an artist I’ve liked the look of for some time now, especially as she seems to have a style that’s all her own.  My Mystery Society trade should finally be in at my LCS this week, fingers crossed, and I think it’ll go straight to the top of my stack.  Anyone know if that North 40 series is worth a read?

  8. i read Hex in trade and i love it.

  9. I get Hex in single issues and trades.  Once I have the issues replaced, I pass the single issues out to folks to get them hooked.  If Hex ever gets cancelled, it won’t be MY fault, by gum!

  10. @odare77  I liked North 40. It has the same kind of humorous horror vibe Mystery Society has although obviously not the same writer.