FCBD 2012: Revival from Tim Seeley & Mike Norton

It’s less than 100 days until Free Comic Book Day in May, the official Free Comic Book Day website is beginning to build the anticipation by posting some previews of the offerings from the various comic book publishers including Archaia, Oni Press and Image Comics. What was interesting and revealing about the Image Comics preview was that it included 4 pages from the upcoming series Revival from Tim Seeley and Mike Norton.

Considering how we’re big fans of both Tim Seeley and Mike Norton (Battlepug!) we were curious by this.  So we reached out to Seeley and Norton to get the scoop.  According to the guys, Revival is a new monthly series that will be debuting in July.  We asked what Revival is and Seeley said:

It’s a farm noir murder mystery set in a town where people have stopped dying!

Sounds interesting, eh? We’ll definitely be on the lookout for more on Revival in upcoming months. In the meantime, check out the 4 page preview of Revival:


  1. Farm noir, that would be kinda badass, ha. Tim is a great man, this looks worth a look.

  2. If only the comics stores around here weren’t going to just give each customer 1 sealed pack of 5 random FCBD comics this year, then I might CHOOSE to get this one. But as it stands, I have no choice over which FCBD comics I will be getting. I guess the LCS knows best what I should read.

    Hopefully all the FCBD comics will be available digitally so I can read ALL of them and not just the 5 that LCS limits me to.