Looking for Fat Superheroes

fat_superman_small.gifI need your help! Can the collective knowledge of the iFanboy family help a guy out? I’m looking for a definitive list of as many fat superheroes as we can come up with. What are their powers? Where did they get their powers?

Impress me with your encyclopedic trove of useless information!

I’ve got some basics in mind, but I don’t know much about them. Juggernaut, Phat from X-Force, the girl from Great Lakes Avengers (she still with them?), the heavy guy from the Hellfire club. What else?

You can provide links, or cut and paste in whatever. It will help me a lot. It might even be fun.


  1. Big Bertha is from GLA and her power is to change her body mass

  2. The Blob, being the most famous. And is Juggy fat? I thought he was big boned.

  3. For a while, Blue Beetle was fat.

  4. Earth-X Spider-man was a lard ass. Do alternate realities count?

  5. i don’t think this counts, but it’s amusing anyhow:

  6. No, that fat flash doesn’t count. BUT, it’s important to note that that is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Ever.

    What’s the blob’s power? Is Big Bertha a mutant?

  7. Info on the Blob:
    Though now depowered, the Blob’s mutant physiology granted him a number of advantages. He had vast superhuman strength and his resistance to injury was among the greatest of all Marvel characters. Indeed, his greatest asset was his superhuman resilience; his highly elastic blubbery skin had proven to be difficult to penetrate by gunfire, missles, and even Wolverine’s claws; though with sufficient force the claws could lacerate his flesh. Anything short of adamantium could not damage his skin, or even cause him pain. On one occasion however, a concentrated optic blast fired by Cyclops was sufficient to puncture a hole through his shoulder, much to the shock of Dukes himself. He could also alter his personal gravity field to make him virtually immovable, although an incredible force (such as the Juggernaut or Colossus) could uproot him, along with a chunk of whatever he was standing on (the only being on record to have been able to lift the Blob against his wishes was the Incredible Hulk). Despite his morbidly obese appearance, his agility was the same as that of a fairly athletic male of normal stature, a fact which frequently caught his opponents by surprise.

    The Blob had superhuman strength which had greatly increased over the years, in a manner very similar to that of the Thing; originally the Blob had enhanced strength enabling him to lift about 1 ton, but right up to losing his powers he had become strong enough to lift roughly 70 tons. This improvement was said to be a result of his ongoing mutation.

    What few weaknesses the Blob did have mostly circumvented his physical resistance. He was able to be injured by attacks directed at his face, as his eyes, nose, mouth and ears did not have the same blubbery protection as the rest of his body. Dukes was susceptible to psionic attacks and psychic manipulation. The Blob could also be incapacitated by sensory assaults; for example, Banshee was able to render Blob unconscious solely through the use of his sonic scream.

    Big Bertha is a mutant
    former model Ashley Crawford, who could transform into an incredibly fat (but also incredibly strong) version of herself. She must vomit before she can return to normal. This spoofs the cliche that models often suffer from bulimia. Her agent is puzzled why such a sexy woman like her staunchly refuses to leave the less-than-glamorous city of Milwaukee and constantly snubs photo sessions in Rome or Paris.

    Oddly as far as I can tell, there are no fat people in the DC universe.

  8. Does Mr. Incredible count? not comics per se’…

  9. No, I’m looking for fat based superpowers.

    So…why won’t she leave Milwaukee?

  10. because she’s loyal to the GLA

  11. OH so you mean fat based powers?
    Cause I was gonna recommend the cubby girl from the Runaways, but I don’t think her powers are fat based…does she even have powers? or just has a that dino pet?

  12. she’s not chubby. She’s just not cut like a superhero. I would say she’s normal.

    Damn you’re harsh. And I think it’s just the dino she controls.

  13. Come on kids the obvious, Doc Ock!

  14. Fat superheroes….Not many exist, actually. Why would kids wanna read about fat super heroes, who have the power to eat at the speed of light??

    Anyway…I kind of wanna to say ‘Strong Guy’…even though he’s not fat, alot of the art kind of gives him that ‘big fat hulking’ guy kind of look.

  15. Can the Kingpin be considered fat?

  16. I think he can be considered fat. He’s muscular, but also a huge fatty. Intimidating, really.

    What about some of Daredevil’s foes? And what about the Sentry’s secret identity? He’s a fat average joe.

  17. I feel like there’s probably a fat member of The Legion of Superheroes.

  18. But really outside of Big Bertha and the Blob, there’s not too many who have powers based on their actually beinga big fat person. This is the conclusion I’m making. Let me know if you think of anything else. Thanks.

  19. I cant remember the guys name exactly but it was something like invincible. anyway he was a small character in Rising Stars. He wasnt much of a superheroe since he didnt do anything with his powers outside of highschool football. But he was indestructable and as the serial murderer found out the only way to kill him was to cut off his source of oxygen. and im not talking about the channel for woman. no super strength or agility he died a pretty miserable dude.

  20. Good call. That was from the beginning of Rising Stars, when it seemed like it was going to be amazingly good.

  21. conor is right legion of super heroes had “bouncing boy”. who like big bertha could change his weight up and down at will…

    and he could bounce around, that was always fun

  22. Does this count?

    Rosey from the WWE:


    (You guys don’t allow for HTML here?

  23. It’s in the cards, but the commenting program doesn’t allow it right now. You can do links and text editing I think, but no graphics in the comments yet. I want to change that, but it’s a little low on the priority list.

    By the way, Thom loves wrestling.

  24. What about Nite Owl from Watchmen? Does Tobias Whale (from DC) have powers or is he just a Kingpin rip-off? Vulko from Aquaman… Wasn’t there a fat character with powers in The Flash?
    There’s a supervillain named Black Mass in a team called The Cadre that was seen in JLU.

    Black Mass:


  25. There was a really fat gothic girl in Joe CAsey and jim Lee’s the Intimates that came out in 2005. I only read four issues but it wasent too bad. Anway her power was invisbility as a direct result of low self esteem,so you could say her power was “fat related”.

  26. These come to mind:

    How about Nite Owl from Watchmen? Vulko from the Aquaman universe. Does Tobias Whale have powers? Shape from Squadron Supreme. Supervillain Black Mass from the team called the Cadre in the DC Universe.

    Black Mass:

    Isn’t there a fat guy with powers in The Flash? Can’t remember his name. Chunk maybe?

    Does Chemo count? He looks a bit chunky? Godzilla too.

  27. Fat Momma from Sci Fi’s “Who Wants To Be a Superhero?” Eating a donut is akin to saying “Inek Chok”, causing her to grow 5 times her height. Additionally, her list of powers includes “the fat clap” and “the super-burp”. She’s vulnerable to diet food, and one of her arch-nemeses is Skinny Beyotch.

  28. Paula Pophouse from “The Freshmen” was pretty chubby as I recall. Her powers weren’t fat-based, but of course they were meant to be ironic because she was a fatty but could get any boy she wanted! I mean that is like made of pure hilarity right?

    That alway irked me, and the fact that her powers essentially entail rape as an ultimate end… Yeah I wasn’t a fan of how that was handled at all.

  29. Much like Mar-Vell, this thread will not die.

  30. I blame Paul Jenkins

  31. conor is right legion of super heroes had “bouncing boy”.

    When I was a young kid going on a family vacation to a family friend’s vacation house in Lake Tahoe, I found a box of old Legion of Super Heroes in the attic somebody had left there. While everyone was playing around in the snow, up in that attict devouring those issues is a fond memory, and I was a total Marvel Partisan at the time. And Bouncing Boy was a big favourite that’s stayed with me for decades… I even ripped off the concept in a silly little amateurish comic I xeroxed and sent to friends in the 90s, though mine was “Fat Girl” on a play ground and much more aggressive. Lovely memories of Bouncing Boy, loads of fun.