Fantastic News: Waid and Wieringo back on ‘Fantastic Four’

Apparently they’ve cleared up whatever needed clearing, because Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo are back on Fantastic Four, according to Wieringo’s own blog.

This is great news for Marvel, since the firing incident was a huge blow to their image a few months back, and it was followed by a mass exodus to DC for exclusive contracts for many of Marvel’s top talent, like Greg Rucka and Grant Morrison. The news also means that another good book isn’t about to die, and that’s good news for all.

I think Marvel sorely needed this to happen. It’s a great move, and even though we’ll probably never know the real story, I’m sure it’s a fascinating one. I think the Mark Waid firing, if that’s what it was, may have been the most significant thing to happen at Marvel since Quesada took over, at least from a pure comics publishing standpoint.

Here’s to mistakes rectified.


  1. Holy crap.

    I’m really excited and stunned. The current storyline is… um, fantastic.

  2. Yeah….that’s great news. This is prob. the best team on FF since John Byrne’s days.

    Really admirable of Marvel to eat crow like this. I’m really stunned that they did. Maybe Joey Q is finally getting Jemas’s hack finger out of the talent/editorial pie. Now, if they can only get rid of Zimmerman in all shapes and forms.