Discussion: ‘Fantastic Four’

The latest comic book-to-film adpaption hits this Friday and all signs indicate that it will be like the harsh morning after the great big all-night party full of naked models that was Batman Begins.

I won’t be seeing this on opening day, as I will be traveling, but most likely I will check it out at some point unless everyone I know and trust tells me not to waste my time. I kind of want to go and support the property because I think that the Fantastic Four can be made into a great movie (see The Incredibles), and I love Michael Chiklis.

Is it possible that all the advanced word is wrong and that this will be a pretty good film? We’ll know on Friday.

Here’s your SPOILER WARNING for the thread.


  1. i like HULK more and more every time i see it, but at first i wasn’t crazy about it.

    PUNISHER was just fun, i enjoyed that a bunch…

    “It’s Clobbering Time!”


    In the course or running a routine clearing out of all the spam postings we get on this website, I inadvertantly deleted about 16 comments from this thread. There doesn’t appear to be any way to get them back. I apologise.

  3. And the conversation was fierce!

  4. I’ve heard what went on. And all I can say is, I don’t have to get up close to lick a turd to know it tastes like shit. If I didn’t pre-judge movies, I’d have to go see everything, but fortunately experience has taught me to predict a stinker, and I’m invoking that right.

    Hey, I have high standards. I’ll admit this. I don’t like shitty carbon copy movies, and I wholeheartedly believe that if we keep paying for them, they’ll keep making them. If we patronize better movies, they make more money and they make more like that, and it works in the opposite way as well.

    Go see muderball this weekend and support someone who deserves it.

  5. I agree with what Patrick said before it got deleted that we should not criticize something we haven’t seen yet, but I reserve the right to judge the trailers and such that I have seen and what I have seen isn’t good.

    The question is, do I waste $10+ at the theater or $2.50 renting it on DVD?

    I didn’t even see THE PUNISHER or HELLBOY or CONSTANTINE in the theater.

    I probably won’t see it. I would go if there was a group of people who wanted to go, but that doesn’t seem likely.

    See, Hollywood – revenue is down because of crappy movies creted by commitee not because of the internets and bootleg DVDs.

    Not that revenue is really down anyway, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

  6. “FF marketing gone bad!”


    it’s going to be sooooo bad.

    I mean really.

    Is Marvel on the slide without Spidey?

  7. I’m not enjoying the swing back to DC now with Batman out and FF sucking big time… I enjoyed Marvel’s time in the spotlight, but now with FF and then X3…we’re doomed.

  8. don’t forget about Ghost Rider!

    don’t EVER forget about Ghost Rider…

    http://www.hollywoodelsewhere.com had a bit about david o
    russel doing the Silver Surfer…*snicker*

  9. So I’m gone a week and NO ONE comments on the movie.

    It is clear that this place falls apart without me.

  10. I didn’t see it.

    And I’m not going to.

  11. Oh I saw it, and I posted a very positive review but then due to mystical circumstances (basically this thread is haunted), it got deleted. much like the convo before the movie opened.

    Regardless the net net was:
    – I liked it
    – It wasn’t X2 or Batman Begins, but it was better than Daredevil
    – Human Torch and The Thing stole the show
    – Would be a better review if they didn’t tinker with Doom as much as they did

    Overall: B-

  12. $56 mil opening weekend? Who saw *that* coming?

  13. It wasn’t that bad!
    It was pretyy good in fact despite the director, the smaller budget, the bad casting of Reed and the altering of Doom

    when are you going to see it?

  14. Honestly? Probably not until it comes out on DVD.


  16. Does he talk like that? Cause I will if he does.

  17. uhm..yeah sure he does…

  18. Liar!

  19. I’ll bet a TPB that you’ll like the movie

  20. No dice.