‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer/Footage – It’s here!

Thanks to my friend Andrew, we have been able to nab footage to the Fantastic Four movie — he found it over at Screenhead.

We’ve got the footage here on iFanboy to make viewing easier for you. It’s a 5 mb QuickTime movie. Enjoy!

I still think The Thing doesn’t look very good, SO SAYS DOOM!


  1. I think The Thing looks really good.

    Also, Chiklis is a huge nerd.

    It’s hard to judge things from these clips which are very, very unfinished.

  2. I agree that it’s unfinished, and looks that way, but try as I might, I’m still unable to get the phrase, “Coming soon….to the WB,” out of my head.

  3. It does kind of look more like a TV show than a movie… hopefully that’s the unfinished aspect.

  4. You like how they had a ton of concept paintings and not alot of actual shots of Mr. Fantastic?

  5. Hence the unfinished CGI.

  6. the digital effects will be the last thing, and they’ll be working on those a week before the release date.

  7. looks good i think, so far anyway.
    i noticed some video game clips too as well as the concept art…

    it looks like they are going more of the UFF route. with Doom being caught in the cosmic rays as well, and his skin turning to metal

  8. I didn’t get that about Doom. The actor says the metal mask gets fused to his skin, and that happened in classic FF style.

    I think Chiklis, who I’m a big fan of, may be too old for Ben Grimm. Fine for the thing, but as Ben, he’s an oldy.

  9. It sounded to me like DOOM! said that he got a cut on his forehead that turns into the metal that covers his whole body.

    Or maybe I misheard it.

  10. well, I only watched it once and didn’t care to go back. I thought it said he got a cut and put on the mask to cover it, cuz he’s vain, and it got fused there.

    But I’m an idiot.

  11. Isn’t Ben supposed to be the older one? The old grizzled veteran? Personally it doesn’t look AS bad as the reports would say, then again, it doesn’t look that good.

    Michael Chiklis is an age chameleon because he was like 23 when he did Commish, and I always thought he was 43 when he did that show…

    I dare these people to make a superhero movie without spending half the movie on the origin. I double dog dare them…

  12. The first BATMAN movie from 1989 didn’t dwell too much on the origin. We were dropped right into the action and there was minimal origin flashback.

    BATMAN BEGINS looks like it will be all origin.