First Look: ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer

For those of you who didn’t pay to see Elektra this past weekend — and judging by the box office, that was quite a few of you, me included — here is our first real good look at Fantastic Four.

I am one of the biggest supporters of comic book movies that you will find out there. I tend to cut the movies more slack than I would a regular picture, simply due to the joy of seeing beloved characters come to life. That having been said, I can’t shake the feeling that Fantastic Four has the stink of box office bomb to it and I’m not sure why. I think it’s the casting. To be fair, I haven’t seen the movie yet and everyone could be brilliant in it, but when I look at the cast, I don’t see Susan Storm, Reed Richards, and Johnny Storm when I look at Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd, and Chris Evans. I really like the casting of Julian McMahon as DOOM! and Micheal Chiklis has Ben Grimm, though.

I am really torn about this movie. I really want it to be good and do well at the box office, but the buzz surrounding it has not been encouraging. That having been said, I thought that this trailer was not nearly as bad as some on the internet had made it out to be.

Also, I know one of the first reactions to this is going to be “I still hate how The Thing” looks. I seem to be alone in liking his more original, Kirby-esque appearance.


  1. I too am torn. Dunno what to think.
    I do have to say I kinda have a problem, along the lines of Spider-man’s organic web-shooters: 5 of them go into space? Sounds like a lame excuse to explain DOOM.