Fantastic Four Make Headlines (UPDATED)

Marvel seems to have conquered the transfer from comics to movies with the hit franchises X-Men and Spider-Man. But many believe the true barometer of success will be the long standing flagship title movie adaptation of the Fantastic Four.

The upcoming movie got some ink in USA Today and provided some pretty cool pictures of the Fantastic Four in costume, courtesy of

Jessica Alba = Hot, always. I’ve always thought the Thing would be one of those characters who looked better in comics than in the movies, looks like I’m right. I find it hysterical that the same guy who directed Barbershop is directing this…

Oh — and what about DOOM? I hope they don’t blow that….

Click to see the Thing in his ever-loving, CGI-enhanced glory!


  1. I think that they’ve gone with a Kirby-esque Thing here. If you look back to the original way he was portrayed it’s similar to what they have here.

    I’ve heard that Doom’s appearance is going to be highly disappointing to the fans.

  2. I can’t believe there will be a return to the rubber suit. I thought those days were over.

    Who do you think this movie is being made for?

  3. Apparently, Vic — I mean, Chiklis wouldn’t do the movie if The Thing was going to be all CGI. But they are going to “enhance” him with CGI.

    The movie is being made for everyone, I assume.