Fangirls Strike Back: Film Version of ONE CON GLORY in the Works

While writers at the New York Times may be having trouble believing women like nerdy things, plans are in motion to bring audiences their first fangirl movie. A film based on Sarah Kuhn’s novella One Con Glory is now in development.

One Con Glory is the tale of Julie and her search for the Holy Grail of action figures. It’s a smart, witty trip through comic book convention culture with all of the good bits of a romantic comedy thrown in. Hall Squared Productions is on board to produce the project, but they're still in the beginning stages of development. Obviously, there are a lot of moving pieces that need to come together before we see One Con Glory in theaters, but this is a big step for us geek girls.

Personally, I think this is fantastic. Not just because the book is great (it is), but because what it means for women in geek culture. We’re a community, with a voice, and we’re getting loud enough to be heard. Luckily, I was able to chat with Sarah and ask her a couple questions about being a girl geek and the upcoming film project.

Ali Colluccio: Speaking as a fangirl, I'm really excited about this project! A lot of geek culture tends to be geared towards or focus on guys, how does it feel and to have some of "Hollywood's" attention focus on women and to be one of the creative forces behind it?

Sarah Kuhn: I'm glad you're excited! I'm excited, too. I don't really feel like a "force" just yet, but I do think it's time for us to see more geek girl protagonists on the big screen. Women have always been a major part of fandom — at least, they have been for as long as I've been part of fandom — yet this "nerd ladies are unicorns" misconception persists. I think that's really being challenged now: there are so many amazing women writing about comics and other nerdery online, there were several panels spotlighting nerdy ladies at SDCC last year… I mean, there's even a whole convention dedicated to geek girls in October (Geek Girl Con). Geek girls are so visible at this point: look at something like the response to that dumb "Game of Thrones" review in the New York Times last week — the reviewer calls GoT "boy fiction," and suddenly you've got legions of awesome geek girls being like, "Yeah, no. Wrong." I love that. I would love to see a whole diverse slew of nerdy women protagonists represented in film. And I'd love for my nerd girl to be one of them.

AC: A chunk of your book takes place at a comic book convention, what do you love most about going to cons?

SK: I love seeing friends and meeting creators whose work I enjoy. But I think what I love the most is just feeling like you're part of this insane maelstrom of awesome and crazy and overpriced collectibles. Anything could happen. I've had experiences at cons I simply would not have had anywhere else. That's one thing I hope the book kind of captures — though I'm sad I couldn't work in a bit about my all-time favorite con story, which involves my friend Steve and a giant foam shark costume. Or actually…maybe that's one of those "what happens at Comic-Con stays at Comic-Con" kind of tales.

AC: Is there any particular scene from the book that you're especially looking forward to seeing on the screen? Anything you're nervous about seeing?

SK: There's a big chase sequence in the book that I'm fond of: for whatever reason, I think people running after each other is terribly romantic. I'm a sucker for those romcom "running through the airport" scenes that have been parodied to death at this point. Maybe it's because I'm very unathletic and don't like running, so if someone's running after someone else…well, gosh, they must really like that person! Anyway, I'd love to see that one onscreen. As for nervous: probably the sex scenes.

AC: Speaking of sexy, any chance we'll see a shirtless Marsden in the film?

SK: HA! Well, Shirtless Marsden is obviously a completely separate, Twitter-exclusive entity from the actor James Marsden at this point. So, I don't know…do you think I can get Shirtless Marsden's people to return my phone calls?

Keep an eye out and fingers crossed for more One Con Glory movie news. In the meantime, go check out the book!


  1. Excellent news, all round.

  2. This sounds like fun. 

  3. Oh… that’s awesome news! Congrats, Sarah! And thanks for bringing us the scoop, Ali. 🙂 

  4. This sounds awesome. I;d see it a few times.

  5. I will definitely be checking out the book in high anticipation for the movie! Also, “nerd ladies [aren’t] unicorns” may be my new favorite expression.

  6. Nice; I picked up that book at my shop a long time back because it looked like fun, and now feel bad that I have yet to get around to reading it, but it’s officially getting moved up the list!