iFanboy – Episode #41 – “Totebag”

What do you get when you take a bag full of comics and three guys with preconceived notions? You get the comics gauntlet and it gets thrown down as iFanboy challenges each other to try reading some comics they’ve previously dismissed or never even tried.

Running Time: 00:31:10
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After years of reading comics, there are a ton of books that iFanboy loves and adores. But there’s a deep dark secret list of the comics that they can’t stand. The ones they just never want to read. The ones they won’t even try. This week, iFanboy thought they’d challenge each other to try to read some comics that they’ve previously dismissed or didn’t enjoy the first time around. Enter a big stack of books and a large tote bag.

Here’s what got pulled out of the bag:


  1. is it just me, or does josh’s outfit resemble that of the sandman?

  2. It’s not just you dude, check out Josh rockin’ the Flint Marko look!

    Awesome show guys, really cool idea too. Nice job on mixing it up a little. I’m thinking I might have to pick up Stylish Vittles.

  3. I like the joke about Josh’s hipster sweater. The Exterminators looks rad, so I’m gonna check it out one of these days. Fun show guys.

  4. Wow, Ronald thought up a very sadistic game that for some reason Conor and Josh jumped whole heartedly into.
    No love for US War Machine ! 😀

    Exterminators –
    Freaking awesome books, I can’t believe Conor and Ron would dismiss a book on bugs! This is a real human character book with the impending background of a bug type build up / attack. This book is smart, funny and bad ass. (Sex for Ron – there’s more than just the literary prostitute ring, check out the girl on girl action at the big company).
    Ron and Conor should enjoy this book immensely especially the next few arcs, if you don’t I would be quite surprised.

    Transmetropolitan –
    Warren Ellis: I thought Planetary was pretty awesome but I hate all the X-men type Marvel stuff he’s done.
    Ellis does near future or sci-fi really well especially if it’s a single character book.
    Transmetropolitan is to Ellis as Preacher is to Ennis.
    Ron should like this but might not (once again no one is dressing up as Emma Frost or Jean Grey for you).

    Tyler Vittles –
    It is a weird name for a title. Vittles is plural for victual which is a supply of food or provisions in general. Stuff that helps Tyler get through life.

    Casanova –
    Confused me on the first issue and dropped it but ended up buying that oversized hard cover and thought it was freaking awesome (but I like Fraction’s other work). Now I can’t wait for each issue.

    Sandman –
    Awesome, I first read the whole series in high school and every time I’ve read the book it gives me a new gold nugget. (I’m not a goth or emo of any kind.)
    Matthew the Raven makes more sense than X-men’s “Angel”.
    Ron if you go into this series with a closed mind all you’ll pick up is stupid literal stuff rather than the imagery it represents, I mean I like this series as much as all my Uncanny X-men, X-men, Wolverine and Generation X books.

    Future Tote Bag entries –

    Put some Garth Ennis war books such as “War Stories”, “Kev” books if you’ve all read Authority, if you haven’t read authority put a few “Authority” trades in there. “Army@Love” for Ron and Conor since it’s Vertigo and has sex as a major theme.
    If Ron has dismissed “Scalped” for it being a Vertigo book, put that in there.
    “Top 10” if it’s a book that one or two of you haven’t read.
    “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”.
    Ron – champion some X-men Age of Apocalypse stuff (if you liked it).

    Whoever has read All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, you should reread The Dark Knight Returns and/or The Dark Knight Strikes Again and count how many times “Goddamn” is used in those books in comparison – the writing style is very goddamn similar!

    Josh, throw some Hellblazer in there, again it’s Vertigo but keep it to the Ennis and Diggle stuff which is most representative of the character.

  5. GREAT show, I loved the totebag to “stir the pot” and get some really good discussion going. Can’t wait for the sequel!

  6. for some reason, my favorite part of the show lately is when you guys take shots at each other.

  7. Thatt’s the only reason we show up anymore.

  8. I like when Conor acts like a counselor to Ron.
    “This is very similar to Fell…it’s not X-man…it’s not superheroes…”

    Great show guys

  9. How the fuck do you guys have enough time to read all these books? My head is spinning? Do you do anything else? I’m getting worried. Do you ever: Read a Newspaper? A Book? Watch Movies? Listen to music? I can’t figure out why you are dedicating your lives to comics. I can’t even read my Batman subby every month.
    Cranky Claudia

  10. We consume all forms of media ravenously!

    And don’t sleep much.

  11. [Future] satchel suggestion/totebag titivation: The Kirby Martin Inquest #1

    … I– I’ll let myself out…