Exclusive Preview: World’s Finest #5

Karen Starr is loaded. But all the money in the world and any pleasures it might garner will never replace the solace of home. So when a European research group announces a pan-dimensional mapping experiment, the otherworldly castaway hops the next flight over. Could this be the ticket home for Power Girl and Huntress? Or is this just another Boom Tube calamity waiting to happen?

We’ve got your first look at next week’s World’s Finest #5 from DC Comics!

World’s Finest #5

Written by Paul Levitz
Art by George Pérez, José Luis García-López, Jerry Ordway
Cover by Jerry Ordway
32 Pages/Color/$2.99

• Power Girl and Huntress attempt to get back home to Earth 2 – but is the Boom Tube just a one-way trip?
• The secrets of Power Girl’s abilities revealed.
• Featuring artwork by the legendary Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Jerry Ordway!

Now, how’s about that exclusive preview, featuring art by Jerry Ordway?


  1. This started with a good first issue but has been weaker each subsequent one. Bring back the Old 52!

  2. Perez and Ordway? This is why WF is climbing the ranks to become one of my favorite DCnU titles.

  3. Gosh that costume sucks.

  4. Issue #7 will be the final issue of WF for me.

    That week I will be buying my last issue of E2, as well.

    Budgetary restrictions have caused increased culls.

    I’ll be following DC via the DCAU and the public library, for the foreseeable future.