Next week, you’ll get a chance to see Pris get all Aztec temple, as a whole new chapter starts for the toughest lizard lady in comics. Written by Josh Williamson, with art by the incredible Sami Basri.

Hey, it’s Lord Helspont, who’s got a glowy, blue fire skull face, with Wolverine masky things. There should be a word for those kind of masky things.


  1. I thought the name for those kinds of masks was “trademark infringements.”

  2. Does anybody here read this book?The preview above is the most I’ve read. Worth reading?

    • I picked up the first issue because of the high T&A content. It didn’t grab me so I haven’t read any more. The above doesn’t make me want to, either.

    • Dropped this book at issue 7 because the whole alien clone thing was a turnoff. I wasn’t sure who was who. But I loved issues 1-4

    • Issues 1-4 by Ron Marz I really enjoyed. Issues 5-6 felt totally different, nowhere near as good, so I dropped it.

      It’s sad it started so well, got a new writer, and took a bad turn.

    • I’m still hooked. It has a good way of balancing out my other series.

    • What BCDX said.

      The art still looks great.

  3. This looks like the sort of art that should be on an awesome new Image book.

  4. i might check this out…i like the art and i always liked helspont!