Exclusive Preview: The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #8

Fury takes on an international flavor with this week’s installment of The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men! Meet Hurricane and Firehawk, the Nuclear people of Great Britain and France!

I wonder if Switzerland has a Nuclear person.

Meanwhile, Pozhar is Russian for bad news bears. On fire.

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #8
Written by Ethan Van Sciver and Joseph Harris
Pencils by Ethan Van Sciver
Inks by Ethan Van Sciver
Color by Ethan Van Sciver
Letters by Travis Lanham
Cover Color by Hi-Fi

Jason Rusch rockets to Europe to thwart the next Rogue attack, only to find that other Firestorms have beaten him to it! Introducing the all-new Firehawk, France’s own atomic defender, and Hurricane, Great Britain’s officially sanctioned Nuclear Man! Meanwhile, out of the ashes of last issue’s shocking climax, Ronnie Raymond and the Russian Firestorm, Pozhar, begin a long, mutual descent toward the dark underbelly of the Firestorm Protocols. New cowriter Joe Harris (Ghost Projekt) continues this acclaimed series with superstar artist Ethan Van Sciver, who provides another stunning issue of full interior art!

32 pages/Color/$2.99

Here’s a preview of the interior from renaissance man Ethan Van Sciver!


  1. I didn’t like the first issue of Firestorm, but man that Van Sciver art is great.

  2. This survived the first wave of cuts?

  3. The garsihness of the costumes put me off this from the get go. While those visuals alone really turn me off I kinda wonder if this has a decent premise. The solicits are intriguing but I’m not sure where this has gone since issue 1. Could anyone summarise. If it sounds like its been a fairly decent story so far I may add it to my trades-to-get list and just catch up in bulk.

    • I read the first 4 or 5 issues because they were so bad they were funny with their heavy handed racial politics. It wasn’t funny enough that it didn’t end up eventually becoming a chore though.

    • So…..pass on this then?

    • The new writer is making it clearly better. So if you want to read the first 6 issues go for it? It does get better but, how much will it improve in the long run is yet to be seen.

  4. Van Sciver is great but I miss Firestorm just being one guy, Ronnie Raymond, the youngest Justice League member ever and think this book should end and put him on Earth-2. Hawkman too.

  5. Van Sciver is a good artist but not a good writer (he’d be a great artist if he could deliver work on time). I’m not sure why Firestorm ranked his own title and am disappointed at the complete rewrite after all the work done on Firestorm in Brightest Day. Outside of his rank at DC, I can’t see why this title wasn’t cut. I’d rather have seen them do a mini then pull him onto a team book.