EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Savage Dragon: United We Stand

Savage Dragon - United We StandFor a little more than a year or so, Erik Larsen has been in rare form, giving us a bit of a renaissance of sorts with Savage Dragon.  His renewed focus and strict adherence to shipping on time has given us some of the best issues of Savage Dragon ever, with everything that Savage Dragon fans have come to expect from the book: a little bit of humor, a little bit of violence, some insane plot twists, wacky villains and some awesome art.

Today the latest trade paperback hits comic book stores, Savage Drage: United We Stand, which collects issues #139 through $144.  I know what you're thinking, with the title in the 140s, why would I jump on now? Well, I think that the great thing about Savage Dragon is that if you're game to give it a shot, I really think that you could grab this trade and enjoy it, without knowing the past 15+ years of continuity.  Larsen tells his story in the classic comic book way, making it easy for you to undestand what's happening and just dive in and enjoy the story.

This particular story features some epic team up between Savage Dragon and the stars of the Image Universe, like Invincible, Witchblade and Spawn as they battle the insane Solar Man.  So if you're a fan of any of those characters, you win!

As an added bonus, we've got the first 11 pages of the trade below for you to check out.  I honestly can't say enough good things about Savage Dragon, so I strongly urge you to check out the below pages and maybe give this a shot if you're looking for something new to read

Savage Dragon: United We Stand TPB – 128 pages – $16.99 – Image Comics

EXCLUSIVE Preview of the first 11 Pages of Savage Dragon: United We Stand:

Savage Dragon: United We StandSavage Dragon: United We Stand Savage Dragon: United We Stand

Savage Dragon: United We Stand Savage Dragon: United We StandSavage Dragon: United We StandSavage Dragon: United We Stand

Savage Dragon - United We Stand Savage Dragon - United We Stand

Savage Dragon - United We Stand


  1. This book has been fantastic lately.  For long time readers, the Dragon War storyline has been one of the most epic in the book’s history.  Great to see such a positive write up about the book.

  2. Only thing worse than Dragons… Americans

  3. I went to two stores to pick this up, niether of them got it. Looks like I can continue not reading this book.

  4. Mr. Larsen, thank you for your continuing dedication in making Savage Dragon an AWESOME funny book.

  5. Wow Larson cannot draw Witchblade that well.  At least on the cover.  Can Silvestri send over a random issue of the current Witchblade run, so that Larson realizes she is allowed to wear pants now.

  6. @ron –  Props to you for spreading the Savage Dragon love!

    just to emphasize the readability of this book:  I picked up a random issue from the arc featured in this trade and was instantly hooked!  I have since gone back and collected and read the entire series (except for a chunk of about 10 to 15 issues that I just cant find).  Needless to say, this book gets me to my LCS!!! on par with Invincible.

    I love this book!