Exclusive Preview: RESURRECTION MAN #0

Mitch Shelley is not going gently into that good night with this, the final issue of his New 52 ongoing. Perhaps appropriately, this chapter ends where it all began. Next week’s Resurrection Man #0 opens with Mitch’s own take on the Cloud City catharsis, finally face to face with the man responsible for ruining his life and robbing him of merciful death. Spoiler alert: It’s like a long hard look in the mirror.

Plus, special guest star: Deathstroke!

First up, a harrowing cover image from Francesco Francavilla!

Written by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning
Art by Jesus Saiz
Cover by Francesco Francavilla
Color/32 Pages/$2.99

• Mitch Shelley discovers the truth of his existence, and even the ability to return from the dead won’t save him!

Now, how’s about that preview of the issue with art by Jesus Saiz?


  1. I wish Saiz was still on Birds of Prey, he was just ROCKING it. When he left my interest in the book sort of dropped. He’s great.