Exclusive Preview: RED LANTERNS # 10

You’re gonna want to stock up on alfalfa, because Wednesday sees the release of both the first trade paperback of Peter Milligan’s Red Lanterns as well as the all new Red Lanterns #10. That’s a lot of cosmic hemorrhaging, even for Atrocitus and company. So clotting the ability to clot is crucial. Luckily incoming artist Miguel Sepulveda has a handle on bleeders in this continuation from last month’s Stormwatch #9.

This exclusive preview from DC Comics has us wondering, just how useful is your metahuman ability to communicate with cities…when you’re in outer space?

Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Miguel A Sepulveda
Cover by Miguel A Sepulveda
32 pages/color/$2.99

• Welcome new artist MIGUEL SEPULVEDA
• Continued from last month’s STORMWATCH #9!
• BLEEZ and the rest of the surviving RED LANTERNS head for ZAMARON to confront the STAR SAPPHIRES about their role in the poisoning of the RED POWER LANTERN.

How’s about those preview pages from new series artist Miguel Sepulveda?


  1. Peter Milligan’s HELLBLAZER is easily one of my favorite ongoings. This title does not interest me at all, but I’m thinking of checking it out to see how he writes superhero stuff.

  2. The whole haematemesis power is really worrying me. Quite apart from the whole risk of circulatory collapse, those poor Red Lanterns are going to be permanently anaemic, breathless and fatigued.
    Atrocitus looks like he’s robust enough to handle the drop in haemoglobin. It’s that poor little kitten I worry about…

  3. Is it worth geting into Stormwatch.i was thinking about buying the trade but im not sure

    • Stormwatch is a strange title. I can’t say it’s the greatest but there’s enough sci-fi weirdness to keep me coming back. Plus, I really love Martian Manhunter and want to see him start kicking ass.

      The first trade will probably give you a sense of whether or not it’s your thing. Or you could try a couple of digital issues. I’ve been using my iPad as a testing ground for titles.

    • Paul Cornell was writing for the long form and barely got started, but it was good. Yet to see if Milligan is going to keep the quality as high. Apparently he’s following certain beats that Cornell had planned out in the beginning.

    • I read #1-5 and I thought it was fucking terrible. It was a struggle to get through each issue.

  4. I’ve been reading Red Lanterns and Stormwatch to see if I want to add them to my box at the store. I like Peter Milligan, especially his X-Force and X-Statix stuff, but Red Lanterns thus far, just isn’t my bag.

    However, I really enjoy Stormwatch. Interesting characters with interesting abilities. They’ve shown they aren’t afraid of killing off a few here and there, and I like Midnighter and Martian Manhunter. I like the play that they are more hidden and more talented than the Justice League. I’d like to see that play out.

  5. I’ve honestly enjoyed Red Lanterns so far, the first 4 or 5 werent as good, but they werent bad (worth picking up at any rate) after that it really picked up to me, and its in my pick up bin. Havent tried Stormwatch yet, but I’ll probley pick up the issues involved with the crossover.