EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Legion of Super-Heroes #6

Next week’s Legion of Super-Heroes #6 sees our intrepid heroes in deep peril throughout 31st century Asia.

Recent recruit Dragonwing experiences big trouble in Ne0-China during a routine visit home. Meanwhile, Chemical Kid, Element Lad and Sun Boy are feeling the heat on their own expedition to Xin Jiang’s Sea of Fire. It’s molten mayhem run amuck!

DC Comics was nice enough to send us this exclusive preview of Legion of Super-Heroes #6, including this scene of winged gang violence and acid reflux!



Written by PAUL LEVITZ

New Legion recruit Dragonwing has returned to China to check in with her family – but her sister has fallen in with the wrong crowd and is sporting some terrifying new powers of her own! Has Marya learned the Legion’s lesson of strength in numbers, or will going it alone cost her dearly?

32pg./Color /$2.99 US

On Sale February 15, 2012

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. Hey, I know this comment’s out of context here, but humuor me if you will…
    As a new reader in England who’s stuck exclusively to trades so far, is there a standard exchange rate here when it comes to the cover price on single issues?

  2. Ah that’s reasonable, nice one mate

  3. As a longtime Legion fan, I want nothing more than to start reading this title again. There’s just something about Portela’s style that puts me off though; his art isn’t poor by any means, the level of detail in the facial expressions and backgrounds makes that clear, it’s just not to my tastes. It’s a little too static if that makes sense at all, as if the sound effects are on the page simply to let you know what’s actually supposed to be moving in each panel.