Exclusive Preview: GREEN ARROW #15

In recent years, the Green Arrow family has enjoyed rises and endured falls. Every costumed hero has faced heartache, but Oliver Queen and his wards have seen more than their fair share of roller coaster turns. Now the cycle turns again towards a fall for the Green Arrow. As writer Ann Nocenti wraps up her tenure on the series to make way for Jeff Lemire’s run, Oliver stands to lose everything. The empire has already begun to slip from his grasp, but stakes in his namesake corporation might just be the least of his problems.

Enter: Harrow.

Written by Ann Nocenti
Art by Freddie E. Williams II, Rob Hunter
Cover by Aaron Lopresti
Color/32 pages/$2.99

• Ollie begins a downward spiral as he slowly loses everything!
• Betrayed and alone after the loss of Q-Corps, can the Emerald Archer hold on to his arsenal?

Now, how’s about that exclusive preview?


  1. Gosh, that is some ugly art… and terrible writing: “So? Guns kill people.” Really ??? I’ll pass this one with great pleasure.

  2. Bad DC! BAD! You do that outside and in the 90’s!

  3. Yeah, holy shit, where’s “He who must not be named” when you need him? Even he could do better than this.

  4. Sweet Christmas this is bad.

  5. “Enter: Harrow”

    Like, Richard Harrow? From the look of things, this book could certainly benefit from some Richard Harrow.

    “Ollie deserved … better … than this.”

  6. I haven’t been reading this book but Jeff Lemire? I have a hunch it’s going to suddenly appear in my comic box!

  7. Can’t wait for Lemire to come on to this title.

  8. The cover grabbed me.

    The interior pages gagged me.


    The P-U 52.

  9. The art isn’t awful, it’s just not good. I dropped this book with issue 6 or 7 because it stunk. My LCS had a sale and I caught up thinking, hell this cheap, sure I will gamble. Boy did I lose. Like 1990’s Ralph Snart lost. Soooo…I admit I’m all over Lemire’s first issue…but still saddened by two years of poor Arrow stories and art.

  10. at first i thought this was a preview of Lemire’s first issue, thank the lord i was mistaken…can’t wait for the new start so i can give the book another shot

  11. Does DC have anyone OTHER than Jeff Lemire, Judd Winick or Keith Giffen to pick up the slack of a departing writer? After Lemire gets moved on to the next freshly-abandoned book, does Scott Lobdell get a shot at the emerald archer?