Exclusive Preview: Captain Atom #12

We are all made of stars, but it takes a special kind of human to return to them. Captain Atom is just such a man, if he can even be labeled as such anymore. In this week’s installment of Captain Atom, our hero endeavors to reclaim a bit of his humanity, some semblance of normalcy in his otherwise impossible existence. DC Comics was kind enough to share this exclusive preview, featuring words by J.T. Krull and some mad science visuals from the ever-evolving Freddie E. Williams II!


Written by J.T. Krull
Art by Freddie E Williams II
Cover by Freddie E Williams II

32 pages/Color/$2.99

• CAPTAIN ATOM’S evolution continues as he regains his human appearance. But even though he’s closer than ever to regaining his humanity, it comes at a major cost as chaos is unleashed at his laboratory headquarters.
• This issue reaches from Earth to the edge of the universe and ends with a massive change in Captain Atom’s status quo in the DC Universe.

So, how’s about that preview?


  1. Any word on where FEW2 is going after Cap Atom is done?

  2. I love this book. Never paid much attention to the character until the new 52. Looking forward to #12

  3. So sad this of all the series from the 52 gets the can, it was one of the few to get the whole reboot thing right.