Exclusive Preview: BIRDS OF PREY #8

It was the shout heard ’round the world, the killing shriek that earned Dinah Lance her burn notice. Did Black Canary truly shatter a man’s skull with her sonic scream three years ago? In next week’s Birds of Prey #8, Duane Swierczynski sheds some light on the events of that fateful day even as Dinah, Starling, Batgirl, Katana and Ivy face a dire new threat in the present.

This issue also serves as the swan song for terrific artist Jesús Saíz, who’s hopping over to Resurrection Man. Animal Man‘s Travel Foreman will tag in for Birds of Prey #9 and beyond.


Birds of Prey #8
Written by Duane Swierczynski
Layouts by Jesús Saíz
Finished by Javier Pina
Color by June Chung
Cover by Jesús Saíz & Santiago Arcas

Rumor has it that Dinah Lance – a.k.a. Black Canary – killed a man with her sonic scream, and she’s been running from the law ever since. But it wasn’t a mere punch that shattered the victim’s skull.

Now, something far more dangerous than the law is hell-bent on taking down Black Canary: a cunning enemy who knows her every weakness, both physical and psychological.

The only things standing between Dinah and certain death are her friends and teammates: Batgirl, Katana and Starling. But will they still want to protect her after they learn the truth about what she was up to for the past three years?

$2.99/32 pages/Color

Now, how’s about a preview?


  1. Wonder why there is no mention of Poison Ivy in the solicit. Oversight or foreshadowing?

  2. I guess Dinah didn’t kill the guy in Florida.
    “Officer, I felt threatened.”
    “Okay then M’am. Yer free to go. No crime here.”
    Stand your ground Birds!