EXCLUSIVE: Grifter #3 Cover (He’s got a gun!)

Interested in the Grifter series about to hit stands by Nathan Edmundson with art by Cafu? We think you probably should be.

In the meantime, get your first glimpse at the cover to Grifter #3, proving again that Grifter isn't to be trusted. This is how we llike Grifter, so that's totally fine. We also like him shooting people, and can safely assume that will be delivered.



For more on Grifter, here's Nathan Edmundson on that character, and some others.


  1. I know nothing about this character but from the solicits I’m pretty pumped for this series. Sounds really interesting. 

  2. I havent read the solicits and still know nothing about the character but that cover is really cool

  3. well that’s not fair. what does the huge blue monster have hidden behind his back? that’s right nothing. Grifter, you’re a cheat and a jerk!

  4. Yes he is.

  5. Nathan Edmonson has a huge upside — I hope this guy turns out to be the next Scott Snyder. The Cafu pencils ain’t so bad, either.

  6. Nice…and getting very, very stoked for this!!!

  7. I think I would enjoy the artwork more if they just published it inked but not colored.

  8. I dunno. Seems pretty generic to me (though I was a fan of a few WildCATS runs…).

    At what point would an “exclusive cover” become too generic or low-profile to warrant a news item? We haven’t even gotten issue #1 of this title, which will definitely rank as one of the least popular 52 series, but you guys are making a news item out of the release for the third issue’s cover, four months ahead of time? I’m not complaining–it’s your website–but I hope DC’s paid you to do this.

  9. @froggulper, i would assume because it’s a piece that people can talk about (which people are) garner some more interest for the book, a book that i don’t see this being one of the least popular books.

    and what’s wrong with putting content on the site? I’m always happy when they do. and by the way, you are complaining. 

  10. I love this art, it’s a pity about the new DC graphics and QR code that will cover a chunk of it.

  11. Just throwing this out there…but I’m freaking jazzed about this title.

  12. It’s one of the 3 or 4 titles I’ll be getting so It’s popular to me @froggulper

  13. Cafu,is awsome

  14. @froggulper:  Do you understand that Exclusive means that iFanboy was able to beat every other comic book website out there to the chase an reveal this cover FIRST.  I, for one, really like it, but even if I didn’t, it is cool to see any news items here first.  It could be a picture of Grant Morrison’s last bowel movement, but as long is it is exclusive, iFanboy and its followers win!

    Also, I love how you are SO sure this book is going to be the least popular new DC title.  I would really like to hear your reasoning behind that statement, or possibly be let in on your all-seeing, all-knowing, magical insight that allows you to pick sales winners before they are released.

    I think this title has a good chance because a huge majority of the DC readers probably don’t know the character, so they will be starting from scratch, but if the story is great and the art looks pretty, word of mouth with allow this book to gain a foothold in the new DC. 

  15. @tweeter81 Is Grifter considered a B list character or C (I know next to nothing). I LOVE these advance images, and NO ONE wins seeing Grants last BM

  16. @Jesse1125: He’s an A list in Wildstorm, one of the few characters that had a big following. In the DC pool, he’d be a C level character that could be made a B level with a few solid stories.

    I like him a lot and this will be one of the ones I’d expect to stick with, prolly will be stealing my Ultimate Spider-Man money. 

  17. I agree completely with Crucio’s post above.  That is where the character currently stands in the grand scheme of things.

    I hope he gets much more popular. 

  18. Who the hell is Grifter? And why is his comic being drawn by Dr. Fate’s helmet?

  19. MG- what are you talking about?

  20. How long until September?

  21. @ericmci:  I think MG was trying to be funny, but the reference was a little obscure and a litte off.  Dr. Fate’s helmet is inhabited by a spirit called NABU.  So I guess CAFU is kinda like NABU…

    And if he really doesn’t know who Grifter is, I feel sorry for him, because he has missed out on a little of great Wildstorm stories then.