Even More Walking Dead: AMC Summons a Motion Comic!

Nothing can stop the encroaching zombies of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead. The comics lurch ever onward and AMC's TV adaptation is writihing and ready for an October debut. But even more rotting corpses have spawned courtesy of AMC and Juice Films, the studio behind the original Watchmen motion comic. That's right, those early Tony Moore drawn issues of the comic are getting animated, with herky-jerky zombies and flies all a-flitter.

Moore posted the first installment on his blog, commenting: "Pretty awesome so far. Can't wait to see the rest!" Here's a look:

As motion comics go, this one looks pretty impressive, with some interesting dimension added to Moore's terrific line art. Some of the 3D effects are a little wonky at times, but it's a compelling experiment. There's a nice rhythm and atmosphere to the piece, offering something of a cinematic experience. Lots of visceral debris and maggots and all that fun stuff, making use of the medium. They're working from tremendous source material here, so that alone is worth the price of admission. 

You can follow the progress of The Walking Dead motion comic and keep on top of all the other behind the scenes goodies via AMC's Walking Dead video channel.


  1. Kirkman-palooza continues!!!!!

  2. Bloody brilliant. Not a fan of motion comics generally but this is the one thats changing my mind.

  3. That was pretty impressive!  I liked the score quite a bit.

  4. It’s got great production values, and looks cool.  Seeing this, I demand a FEAR Agent motion comic.  Moore’s art just looks great.

  5. Love to see that AMC is putting money out there to promote the show. They seem to have as much faith in the show as we do. Can’t wait until October.

  6. Best motion comic I’ve seen. Hopefully AMC will throw this on the eventual DVD set.

  7. That was really good.  My fav motion comic is still The Pro. Very little stiffness, and a near animated quality to it.

  8. One of the better motion comics i’ve seen. Looks pretty cool. 

  9. Great, but to me this is a cartoon very faithful to its comic source… what is really a "motion comic"?

  10. Yeah, this looked fantastic. It was much closer to animation than to what I’ve seen of motion comics. Pretty fun, with great pacing and music. Can NOT wait until October!!!

  11. Can’t watch anything in the link in my current location…. bugga

  12. That was really good,the best motion comic I’ve ever seen!

  13. @Webhead, Oh my god that "The Pro" Motion comic is amazing!

  14. so awesome………………wooooooooot

  15. was sceptical at first, but watched and thought it rocked…

  16. This looks fucking incredible. Can’t wait to see more of it, The TV show, and to continue to read on of the best comics being produced today. Thx Kirkman & Co.