Even if you liked ‘X3’, this is still very funny

This would have made X3 even shorter. This is one of those things that, if you read it at work, you’ll start to laugh, and you’ll never be able to explain it.

But, if anyone understands, we do.

Thanks to the Dude! He’s THAT guy.


  1. OH God, that was awesome, so awesme.

  2. I’m SO that guy.

  3. That was amazing, better than anything in X-3.

  4. that must have been the first script…then they realized that the movie needed to be longr than 2.65 minutes…so they stretched that to the breaking point…

  5. haha, made me laugh…

    twenty years ago Ian Mckellen played Adolf Hitler…

  6. Didn’t know where else to post this, but it seems that Zak Penn (Who wrote X3 and Elektra) is now writing Hulk 2 or “the Incredible Hulk”…DAMN IT!

  7. that was hi-larious!!