Empire Mag Reveals New Pics from Conan Movie

Courtsey of Conan: The Movie Blog, we've got our hands on new images from the upcoming Conan film as revealed in the April issue of Empire Magazine. Set for August 2011, Conan The Barbarian pits former TV actor Jason Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis) in the titular role, as seen at the right in a Spartucusesque outfit. There are several new pictures of Momoa as Conan — including first pics of his signature sword — as well as the first glimpse of Avatar baddie Stephen Lang in his role.

Momoa and Lang are joined by a well-rounded genre cast including Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and Rose McGowan (Charmed), Rachel Nichols (Star Trek, G.I. Joe) and MMA grappler Bob Sapp. This reboot of the 70s & 80s movie franchise is reportedly said to be closer in tone to the original Robert E. Howard stories — the same stories Dark Horse has been adapting to comics form for years.

To see all the pictures, head over to Conan: The Movie Blog or just buy the April issue of Empire Magazine — on stands now!


  1. He looks like he plays for The All-Blacks (new zealand’s rugbe union team for our americian friends)

  2. He looks like the USA network’s vesion of Conan.

  3. Rose McGowan and Rachel Nichols in chain mail bikinis? I’ll be in my bunk.

  4. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m hoping for a fun Conan flick. 

    Trivia: Mamoa has a kid with Lisa Bonet. I’ve always had a bit of crush on Lisa Bonet. 

  5. Jason Momoa on Stargate Atlantis was the very definition of badass.  I cannot imagine any other circumstances in which I would be excited for a Conan movie!  Casting is everything.

  6. I’m very interested in Momoa as Conan. Loved him on SGA. So I’m hoping this will be fun.

  7. going back to the well is just the current state of things huh? If they do it differently and go back to the source like the article says, it could be really good…if they just try to remake the originals, i dunno.

  8. I hope they stick to the Robert E. Howard stories, they are sooo good. 

  9. Speaking of Robert E. Howard, did anyone read the first 5 trades of Kurt Busiek’s run on Conan? He had the most informed analysis of Robert E. Howard’s books, at the back of the trade, I have ever read. He had done his homework on Howard and his books. It was really interesting. Does anyone remember those?

  10. Hating the new ads on ifanboy.

  11. These pics actualy made me kind of interested for this movie. Looks good to me, at least visually.

  12. Good casting, I say.  He was great on SGA. 
  13. I’m happy to hear that the stories are closer in tone to Robert E. Howard’s works. That said, the trailer is due out some time in April and I guess that should end some of the guess work of screen shots and what not on whether this is going to be any good. 

    I’m not sure about the money that’s being spent but it almost seem like there’s not much faith in Robert E. Howard properties ala Solomon Kane. Just expecting more I guess.

  14. This movie will feature chests to excite males and females. I look forward to the trailer.

  15. I remain sceptical, the original Conan movies were SOOOO bad

  16. It better be rated R..Do not want a water down Conan flick

  17. the first conan movie is one of my favorites hopefully this one is decent.  I will withold judgement until trailer time.

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  19. @cubsmodano  we’re working on that to track it down – our apologies…