ECCC 2012 EXCLUSIVE: Fear Agent Omnibus Announced

This morning at Emerald City Comic Con, during Rick Remender’s spotlight panel, Remender made the announcement that legions of Fear Agent fans have been waiting for…The Fear Agent Omnibus is happening!  We caught up with Remender before the announcement to get the details on the Omnibus editions of one of our favorite titles.  Here’s how it breaks down:

Currently scheduled to be released in October from Dark Horse, The Fear Agent Omnibus Vol. 1 will be a deluxe hardcover edition and will collect the first three trades and some of the stories from Tales of the Fear Agent, and we’re sure that it will be filled with extra special goodies from series artists Tony Moore, Jerome Opena and others. After volume 1 comes out, volume 2 will follow collecting the rest of the material.

Remender was visibly happy to make this announcement and said, “I’m just really excited to put it all together and let people enjoy the great Jerome Opena and Tony Moore art.”  To celebrate the announcement, we’re psyched to share with you this brand new Fear Agent piece by Jerome Opena, that we’re quite fond of (the iFanbase should take note and remember this one…)

Start saving up and come this summer, get ready to pre-order The Fear Agent Omnibus Vol. 1 from Dark Horse Comics!


  1. Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.

  2. Nice. I’ve been waiting to check this out. Guess I can wait a little longer and get it in a nicer format. Good news.

  3. Ah Yeah Omnibus goodness!

  4. I love Remender and Moore on Venom and from all the praise Uncanny X-Force gets, I may have to hold off on this for those hardcovers. My birthday is in September so if I’m good maybe these will find their way into my hands.

  5. Great panel Ron. Expert hosting job. Nice intimate setting (tiny room). You guys were a riot.

  6. And yeah, Fear Agent is great. Definitely check this out if you haven’t read it.

  7. FINALLY. Definitely buying this.

  8. Ha! Remember when Jerome Opena was “that OTHER artist” on Fear Agent?

  9. BOOM! Can’t wait. Love, love, love this series. Does anyone know exactly what the format will be? Dark Horse seems to have several for their big collections. Is it going to be more like the Hellboy hardcovers or the BPRD hardcovers? Or something new altogether?

  10. I’ve been hoping for this since the podcast with Remember long back. Buying it day one.

  11. Love it! Omnibus goodness. Can’t wait.

  12. I have only read 1 issue of this series, and have been wanting to read more. Will definitely buy this.

  13. Hell ya, I read one issue, I think it was issue 14 or something, I thought it was too good to just jump into so I’ve been waiting for a nice hardcover.

  14. I’ve been holding out on buying Fear Agent waiting for this. Given the creators involved I’ve known that I’d like it and want to get it in omnibus format. Very exciting news.

  15. I’m at least a little dissapointed said “omnibus” only collects half the series. If I remember correctly the trades collect closer to 4 issues than 6 so collecting the first three trades will only be somewhere between 12-15 issues (really not something uncharacteristic of a regular oversized hardcover).

    Of course none of that’s to say I wont be getting it the day it comes out…

    • From what I can gather of the trades (which don’t have all of the issues collected, strangely enough), the first Omnibus would be 15 issues, and the second would be 12, with the “Tales of the Fear Agent” probably split up among the two. The first BPRD Omnibus collects 15 issues and extras and comes in at 400 pages, so I’m guessing it will be similar in size and format to that.

      Although you’re right, I’d much rather have it all in one massive, oversized hardcover. But this is still going to be awesome 🙂

  16. Ron’s praise has me got me Ready to commit!

  17. Bit silly of them to announce it before the final trade hits. It’s almost definitely gonna affect sales.

    • But as it pertains to Remender and company’s bottom line, the effect might be a net positive one.

      The article says this volume only contains the first few trades, so at this point in time, the omnibus and final trade won’t contain any duplicate material.

      And given the collector mentality, I think most readers who have been buying the series in trade will continue to do so for the final volume, so no major change there. Maybe some of those people double dip on the omnibus volumes, which is a positive for sales.

      And of course there’s the new readers like me who will dive in with the omnibus.

      tl:dr – I don’t think it’s a silly announcement at all.

  18. I’m in, though I definitely side with those who wished this was collected into one book

  19. did anyone record the panel?

  20. This looks cool, but I have no idea what Fear Agent is about.
    Anyone mind explaining in a non spoiler fashion?

  21. I’ve been interested in Fear Agent since 1st hearing a bit about it then more so after reading ifanboys review of Fear Agent’s final issue, #32 I believe. I actually told my LCS that week that now that’s this series is over, I definitely want VA copy of the omnibus that will follow. With such good talent on the title, I knew it was only a matter if time, well here it is!!! Love it!!!

  22. This is what I was waiting for. (well, still waiting for the 3rd Godland Celestial Edition)

    That Opena piece would look mighty fine on my living room wall…

  23. Just when I thought I was going to finally be reading this… but I don’t want an “omnibus” that only covers half of the story!

    It isn’t so many issues that it can’t fit in one volume. So, I’ll be getting the “compendium” or whatever whenever that comes out.

    • As mentally satisfying as it might be to have a single volume, I’m glad this will be a multi-volume release. My Walking Dead compendium and Captain America by Ed Brubaker omnibus are pretty uncomfortable things to lug around, especially if I want to lay on a couch and read.

    • The Walking Dead Compendium is too uncomfortable to lug from the bookshelf to the couch and back?

    • Haha, I see what I wrote. What I mean was that once I was on the couch and reading, it’s a tough book to hold onto for any sustained reading session. So unwieldy is a better word than uncomfortable.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made it work, and I’ve loaned it out to several friends who’ve also made it work. So I think that says something about the quality of the story and art. But it’s far from the most comfortable reading experience.