Early Look at BATMAN: YEAR ONE Animated Film

Attached to the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie – Green Lantern: Emerald Knights – is the featurette giving us our first look at behind the scenes on Baman: Year One, the next direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray set to be released this year.

A few thoughts:

  • It's nice that Bryan Cranston went method and grew a Jim Gordon mustache.
  • Accepting the fact that Batman is in his late 20s in the comic, it's still really weird to hear him played that young.
  • I love that they are not cutting things out like drug use and Gordon's affair.
  • Alex Rocco! Still alive!

The end of the featurette says that Batman: Year One is coming out Summer 2011 but that's… now. Everything we've heard so far has said Fall 2011.


  1. In Batman Year One Bruce Wayne is said to be 25. He met Robin (Dick Grayson, 12 years old) in his second or third year as Batman. He must have been about 27-28 back then.

    Robin becomes Nightwing when he is 18 years old. Batman must have been 33-34 years old then.

    He trains Jason todd (Robin II) for six months, and he dies approximatly in the same year. So batman must have been 34-35 then. (Note that he has been at this point already 10 years on the job, but in No Man’s Land they say he’s been 10 years Batman at that point, which is impossible)

    He meets Tim Drake and trains him aproximatly the next year, so he must have been 36 at that point.

  2. HOLY SHIT!!! STARBUCK IS IN THIS?!? Yeah i’m definetly sold on this

  3. Yes!

  4. You dont come to vegas and tell a man like Moe Green he can’t be in a superhero movie

  5. Wow. Bryan Cranston as Gordon is pitch perfect.

  6. This looks great. I’d be just as happy if all of those actors were in a live action version of this story.

  7. Holy Crap!!! This looks great.  Cranston nails the younger Jim Gordon.  The look of the animation is insane.  DC Animated and Bruce Timm keep raising the bar with these movies.  The question I ask is are we going to see “Kingdom Come”, “The Man of Steel”, or any other massive DC Stories? My only gripe is that they have done away with the DC Showcase shorts.  I’ve loved all of the ones they have done. A Nightwing short could be fun.

  8. Alex Rocco sounds awesome as Falcone!

  9. Nice. I’m always wary of direct dialogue adaptation in comic book movies, and Ben McKenzie (though I enjoy ’em as an actor) doesn’t quite seem to be bringin’ a good Batman. It seems a little put on. Now I can justify it by saying “he’s honing his Batman because it’s an origin story,” but it still doesn’t have that rage underneath it that the great Kevin Conroy has or even the mystery that Jerremy Sisto had. It’s missing that “my parents are dead and I just might kill you” sound. Meh. We shall see.

  10. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Damn this looks great. I was excited when we first heard rumors, thrilled when we heard Cranston was involved, and now I’m just counting down the hours. 

  11. I think this looks pretty cool.

    @ericmci- I think its always best to not care even a little how old people are supposed to be, all that is important is that you know an approximation of Batmans age relative to the other Robins and so on. Clearly Nightwing is younger than Batman but older than Robin and clearly Red Robin is older than Robin but younger than Nightwing etc. Bruce Wayne wont be aged beyond a certain point anyway! I think Grant Morrison was asked at a con how old Batman was and he said ‘It doesnt matter.’  

  12. @c0axmf

    I didn’t think it was bad — after mixing and audio sweetening it might sound a bit different. And of course, it’s possible that Andrea Romano gave him some stellar direction on the next take, but unfortunately the Behind The Scenes crew had already moved on.

  13. @KenOchalek  Nice imagery in your post. I’m hopin’ so. As I said, I do like Ben McKenzie and wish he had more work.

  14. This SHOULD be fantastic.  

  15. @kidCharlemagne  I pretty much agree. Batman’s actual age isn’t nearly as important is his realitive age to those he has trained. It will be interesting to see how far they de-age him though, since his son is sticking around as Robin.

  16. I think they took down the video


  17. @ericmci your note that he has been at this point already 10 years on the job, but in No Man’s Land they say he’s been 10 years Batman at that point is not impossible.  They are just saying, they dont know.  It is not like Bruce held a pressconfrence to tell Gotham there was a ne guardian in town, he just became Batman, some noticed sooner than others.  Just sayen…

    Batman YEAR ONE is a must have for my dvd collection. 

  18. I’m really excited for this one.

  19. Reform- KidC

    I compltely agree with you both.

    Just saying that clearly Batman in main continuity is 30 something.

    I think it just appears that way for reasons of experience and training – but I just broke it down a bit as to how it was kind of true to the history.

  20. Ugh, video unavailable for anyone else? I never have a problem on this site, so i’m assuming it’s not my computer.

    Am I the only one who likes Batman: year one more than Dark knight Returns? 

  21. looks great. Hoping this means they’ll reprint the HC of Year One when this hits. Wouldn’t object to an Absolute either, DC!

  22. @JohnVFerrigno  I can definitely understand liking Year One more.  They’re pretty much neck and neck for me though.

  23. Batman year one is the only Batman story that matters. DKR is a cool relic of the 80s.

    Also, the video is borked.

  24. @pyynk  They are pretty close for me, too. I like Year One more, but it just barely edges DKR out for me. Both are amazing stories.