Eagle Awards Handed Out, Kieron Gillen Destroys His

The Eagle Awards ceremony was held over the weekend. As explained on their website, "The Eagle Awards are the name given to a series of awards for comic book titles and creators. They are awarded by UK fans who vote for who they feel are the best in each category of the awards."

The winners were posted on British comics blog, downthetubes.net, with such notable winners as:

Jonathan Hickman  – Favourite Newcomer Writer

Jamie McKelvie – Favourite Newcomer Artist

Favourite Writer – Warren Ellis

Someone else we know, who has a prediliction for romancing digital audio media, also won an award, as Kieron Gillen scooped up Favourite single story for Phonogram: Singles Club #4: Konichiwa Bitches. Shortly thereafter, Gillen smashed his glass Eagle Award to pieces, presumably in a drunken rage. Or his "infamous clumsiness" as he states it



Here are the rest of the winners, and regardless of the fact that I've known these newcomers for years, it's not a bad grouping at all. There seems to have been an error for best website, but still, overall, congrats to all the winners.

Roll of Honour – Brian Bolland

Favourite Writer/Artist – Darwyn Cooke

Favourite Artist: Pencils – Frank Quietly

Favourite Artist: Inks – Kevin O’Neill

Favourite Artist: Fully-Painted Artwork – J.H. Williams III

Favourite Colourist – Ben Templesmith

Favourite Letterer – Todd Klein

Favourite Editor – Axel Alonso

Favourite Publisher – DC/Vertigo

Favourite American Comicbook: Colour – Batman & Robin

Favourite British  Comicbook: Colour – 2000 AD

Favourite American Comicbook: Black and White – Walking Dead

Favourite New Comicbook – Batman & Robin

Favourite Manga – Fullmetal Alchemist

Favourite European Comicbook – Requiem Chevalier Vampire

Favourite 2009 Single Story – Phonogram – The Singles Club 4: Konichiwa Bitches

Favourite 2009 Continued Story – Walking Dead #61-65: Fear The Hunters

Favourite 2009 Cover – Batman & Robin #4

Favourite 2009 Original Graphic Novel – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century

Favourite 2009 Reprint Compilation – Captain Britain Omnibus by Alan Moore & Alan Davis

Favourite Magazine about Comics – Wizard

Favourite Comics-Related Book – The Insider’s Guide to Creating Comics and Graphic Novels (Andy Schmidt)

Favourite Comics-Related Movie or TV Show – Watchmen

Favourite Comics-Related Website – comicbookresources.com

Favourite Web-Based Comic – Freak Angels


  1. He’s not quite Charlie Sheen, but it’ll do.

  2. Congrats Wizard!

  3. I wanna see the 3D news story of the incident.

  4. Captain Brittain Omnibus won? you don’t say. I wonder what other reprint compilation it was up against

  5. why did he break it?

  6. because he is a badass 

  7. It’s a whole British, rebellious Britpop, cool Britannia thing…it’s just how we roll here…or he did, indeed just drop it.  Because we Brits also have a reputation for a kind of bumbling clumsiness.