Drama! Intrigue! Betrayal! Gossip!

I’d love to tell you that we’re above this sort of thing, but this dude put his story on the web for all to see, so it’s fair game.

Illustrator Matt Busch has had some rough dealings with both his lady friend and comic creator Steve Niles of 30 Days of Night fame. Apparently, Niles stole his girlfriend, who is actually quite attractive.

Now, I know nothing about this, but the voyeuristic-car-wreck-happening-in-public aspect of it all had me transfixed. So I thought I’d share.
I can’t tell if this guy has giant balls for posting this, or if it makes him an attention whore. My favorite parts are the awkward comments below.

This might be as good as the CLDBF sexual harassment scandal!


  1. Uh… wow. That’s messed up on a lot of levels.

    For everyone involved.

  2. Including he who posted it!

  3. Ha! This is awesome. On a ton of levels.

    I think I’d pay for that CD. How insecure do you have to be to call 16 times just to confirm that he’s actually fucking the dude’s girlfriend.

    Hilarious. Get punked, put it in your journal. Brilliant.

  4. Busch looks like a Dweeb. I’d steal his girlfriend too. Probably listens to Godsmack and thinks they’re really deep.

    Reminds me of Criss Angel: MINDFREAK!

  5. LOL


  6. And ANOTHER THING: I HATED 30 Days of Night. What an awesome premise to absolutely waste.

  7. “Probably listens to Godsmack and thinks they’re really deep.”


  8. SNAP!

  9. Back from the depths. I bet there will be a showdown in San Diego. I’ll have my video recorder handy.


    Here’s an update.

  10. More things to keep me off of my Flannery O’Connor paper, due tomorrow.
    Thank you, and I mean that as unsarcastically as possible.