Doop: Where Do I Start?

Mean. green. unintelligible.

That’s what you get when look at the unconventional hero known as Doop. Part of Marvel’s X-Men family for almost a decade now, his current role is at Wolverine’s Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning as its religion professor and the secret protector of the campus and all within. Originally created by Mike Allred and Peter Milligan as one of the stars of their take on X-Force (later renamed to X-Statix), Doop has floated around on the outskirts of Marvel’s mutant escapades since then before finding a home in Wolverine & The X-Men. He’s a riddle wrapped in an enigma, with a juicy anomalous center… and he’s something some fans (like I) can’t get enough of.

In September’s Wolverine & The X-Men #17 we saw Doop shine as a time-traveling, lady-lovin’, crime-fighting school resource officer of sorts for the Jean Grey institute, but there’s more to this diminutive bean-shaped hero than that. And we want you to know about it.

X-Statix Omnibus: A Star Is Born, mutant-style. Peter Milligan and Mike Allred were given the reins of X-Force back in Joe Quesada’s initial takeover of Marvel, and boy did they take the title for a spinoff. Veering wildly away from the Liefeldian origins of the book, Milligan and Allred introduced a new team of media-maven turned superheroes, distilling the best of reality television into a superhero story with some of the greatest new characters Marvel’s seen in the past decade — Doop being at the top of that list. This big book collects 46 issues chronicling all of the team’s run under the X-Force banner, as well as the 26 issues of X-Statix and even two spin-offs and three anthology appearances. Doop does great as part of the X-Statix, and the two-part mini Wolverine/Doop included here is so great I’m giving it its own entry below. Although this recently went out of print, this immense compendium is still available from Amazon, eBay and various sources for a reasonable price.

Wolverine/Doop: Although this is collected in the above X-Statix Omnibus, if you’re on a budget I’d forgo that and go straight for the gold and find this extremely under-dated two-parter by Peter Milligan and Darwyn Cooke. Yep, that Darwyn Cooke. This unlikely duo take Wolverine and Doop on a journey to find the Pink Lady and chase down something called the Pink Mink. The duo fall head over heels for the Pink Lady, leading Doop and Wolverine in a battle for love — and their lives — in an excellent tongue-in-cheek story that’s ideal for fans of Wolverine, Doop or just plain good comics.

Wolverine & The X-Men #17:  Although scheduled to be collected in January’s Wolverine & The X-Men Vol. 4 TPB, I wouldn’t wait if you’re looking for Doop. Instead I’d track down this single issue which should still me in most store’s on-sale racks. Aaron really shows off his comedic chops here, partnering with Doop’s co-creator Mike Allred to uncover the true reason Wolverine hired Doop to be a part of  his mutant school. This covers everything from Logan’s herculean attempts to convince Doop to be a part of the school to what Doop actually does, unbeknownst to the entire school, to protect their safety. And as gruesome as it is, it sure is pretty when Allred draws it. If you’re a longtime X-Men fan and long for those one-off stories i.e. “the baseball issues”, then this fun little one-off is the modern inheritor to that style and that great bit of storytelling gusto.


  1. The Omnibus is available on Instocktrades for a few bucks cheaper than Amazon.

  2. I had no experience with Doop beyond seeing him in the background of X-Universe, but W&TXM #17 was amazing.
    I am now a lifelong member of the Doop fan club.

  3. once you translate the Doop speak, he becomes a lot less mysterious…

  4. Where do I start? hmmm. I’d start with Slimer and end with Ecto Cooler. Doop, you blatant, blatant rip off.

  5. DOOP was right!

  6. DOOP was right! This should be the next comic meme!

  7. Although Broo’s future is in question, who’d like to see an ongoing Broo/Doop series?

    They could travel the world by train, balloon and all that stuff, helping people, taking on covert government assignments, coaching little league or high school cheerleaders (leading to wild and crazy antics), writing the next Star Wars movies, solving mysteries…

  8. Doop should take over the entire Marvel Universe.

    I want to see Doop fight Galactus. I want to see Doop throw down with Hulk and Thor at the same time. I want to see Doop be the leader of SHIELD. Then I want DC to buy Doop and have him come out of the Source Wall so we can have Crisis on Infinite Doops and Batman and Doop can go head to head.

  9. Again another “where do I start” with a $50-$70 book at the helm. This is ridiculous because if you’re trying to learn about and get introduced to a character $50-$70 is insane. Wolverine/Doop and Wolvy & the X-men 17 are great starting places for this character. There is never any reason (and the Lois Lane Where do I Start is another good example) to pay over fifty bucks to “get started” or learn about a character. I’ve stopped linking these articles to my customers as I cannot provide the products at a reasonable price.